20 Days of Gold Making: Day 9–What’s Your Favourite Niche Market and Why?

I don’t like niche markets. In fact, I hate them. I’ve tried dabbling in niche markets before, but I hated them and quickly dropped them, they were typically too much work for not enough profit.

One of the largest of what some might call niche markets I worked was vendor pets and items. Oh, don’t get me wrong, you can make gold off of it and it’s great when you’re starting out with low capital, but once you’re managing 1,000+ auctions per day, you don’t want to waste time on the niche markets.

I mean niche markets can be great from time to time, but most of the time it’s too much work for too little profit. The biggest problem is that with all the gold resources out there, chances are everyone and their donkey knows about any niche, and that’s going to create way too much supply for too little demand.

I much prefer the larger markets, sure there is more supply and more competition, but there’s also more demand, and, most importantly, less work. At the heart of it I’m probably one of the laziest gold bloggers you will ever meet, and so many tricks, like niche markets, I simply can’t gather the energy to do.

Hell, I’m probably the only blogger still not selling transmog items.

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  1. Zerohour

    I totally agree with the sentiments on niche markets, I don’t have the time to do them so I engage in other efforts. Of course if I see a good opportunity I don’t pass it up.

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