This Gear Thing is a Pain

So we left off yesterday I had spent the whole weekend trying to get my Druid caught up to be a functioning member of Warcraft society. Well Monday had some extra time on my hands (one of my profs was sick) so I decided after I did my Golden Lotus dailies I’d tackle the Klaxxi.

Oh man, the Klaxxi have a lot of opening quests. The only redeeming factor is lots of reputation, not only with the Klaxxi but a smattering with the Black Prince as well (yea, I’m so far behind I’m still working on reputation with him. So after a long day of grinding dailies and quests, here’s what my reputation pane looks like.

Reputations as of Jan 28


Not very impressive eh? Man this is going to be a long slog, at least the Tiller’s are going by quickly so far, another day or two to Revered I hope. I’m not to worried about the Tiller’s friendships, I mean I’d love to upgrade my farm  but there’s so many more important things I need to be doing than cooking a whole bunch of food everyday for them. I’ll do their dailies when I’m out doing the rest of them, but I’m not going to worry too much about them, let rep just build up in the background.

I also cracked open my profession book to see where my fishing was on my druid. I don’t intend to fish for any significant amount of time, but it will be something to do when I’m waiting for queues as resto. I grimaced when I checked my fishing skill, a meagre 35 skill. Luckily thanks to pool fishing I don’t need a whole lot of skill to catch fish, I can just cast into the pools, be guaranteed fish and a skill up. I don’t intend to do a whole lot of fishing, or use it as the sole provider as food for my character, but it’s something to do while I wait and take the edge off the material requirements for some of these dishes.

Here’s another problem though:

currency as of Jan 28

Those Valor Points are a pain. I really underestimated how difficult it is now-a-days to get Valor capped. I mean I’ve only been working on it for 2 1/2 days but I thought it’d be easier than that. Maybe once I get into Looking For Raid Valor will be easier. Even with a relatively speedy queue as a healer it still took some time to slog through the ones I did, and I’m disappointed that I didn’t hit Valor cap before reset. Some of the dungeons were rough too, I’m clearly not as geared as many of the healers some tanks are used too, and then there was that instance where I Needed an agility staff the tank apparently needed and he logged before I figured out what happened..

I digress.

But that 720 Valor in two and a half days of work (I had 25 Valor already when I started my catch up efforts) is a pittance. To be fair I’m sure the dailies made a dent in the Valor situation, but I really wonder what kind of a dent it will make in the long term. If I manage to do 10 dailies every day (way too many if you ask me) that means I get 50 Valor a day from dailies, or 350 Valor a week. I mean it’s not insignificant, and I’d have to do them anyways Valor Points or not. But that still leaves me 650 Valor short. Lets say I do one Looking for Group a day for the 80 Valor reward. That’s 560 Valor, still 90 Valor short of cap. That’s an additional 18 dailies a week I’d have to do on top of the 70 I already planned for, or an extra three LFGs a week on top of the planned seven.

That, is a lot of work. No wonder many people don’t Valor cap in the week. Now, if only I could figure out how this gear upgrade thing works…

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  1. Phat Lewts

    Yeah, the whole valor capping might seem like a pain, but the Valor’s relatively useless for anything other than upgrading LFR gear once you start to get going with it. As a healer your queues should be really fast for LFR so you can bang them out really quick. You’ll also want to make sure you’re trading your 90 Lesser Charm of Good Fortune into 3 Elder Charm of Good Fortune every week. Save ’em for the good bosses!

    This article on wowhead explains the whole gearing thing out pretty well, just bumps the ilvl and scales the stats.

    1. Eric Dekker

      I don’t see why they went and had to change the gear system -.- Oh well, thanks for the links, very helpful

  2. Shaft

    Ha that rep pane makes me feel so much better about my own. I have recently restarted on the Horde Side after unlocking the rep bonus on the Klaxxi, Golden Lotus and Tillers but this time I am going for Exalted with everyone but it is taking awhile. I only had to spend 5k once I got to 90 to get to 460 due to some lucky drops and after a week I am sitting at 467. This rep stuff drives me mad but to be fair I am much more interested in trying my hand at PVP than say getting into a raiding guild I am happy just to experience LFR.

    1. Eric Dekker

      I can’t even LFR yet, such a pain. I really wish I had at least done some more dailies when I first dinged 90, doing this late in the game feels like torture lol

  3. Testing

    Another method of gaining valour would be running scenario’s. They give 40 valour a day for the first one, 20 after that. In my experience, they take between 10-20 minutes, though they don’t award 463 gear. The queue for just about instantaneous, even as dps.

    Of course, no matter how much valour you get, you still need to spend it through the reps. Which is unfortunate for you, though not impossible. Based on your current reps, I suggest adding Operation Shieldwall to your dailies. I play horde, but those dailies go quite quickly (20 minutes or so) vs. 30+ for golden lotus. At least, it seemed like it took that long for the golden lotus, I didn’t actually time it:S. Klaxxi goes fairly quickly as well, though it depends on the day.

    1. Eric Dekker

      Yea that’s one of the biggest problems I’m facing, I don’t have anything to spend the Valor on :D I can buy some necks, but I might wait till Monday to see what I have available then. I don’t even have the gear score to do Looking for Raid :( Damn gearing up in Mists is tough. I did a Scenario today, you’re right they’re not that bad, nice break from the monotony.

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