Prospecting Rates Updated With Black and White Trillium Ore

My Prospecting Rates page has been updated to include new data on Black and White Trillium Ores.

The two Trillium Ores show marked increases in yield of rare gems, with noticeably smaller uncommon gem yields.

For those interested, below is the raw data from my prospecting tests. I will update the prospecting tables with more data when I get my hands on more Trillium Ore

trillium ore prosecting results 

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  1. HysteriA

    Hmm im not sure i understand this correctly 63 out of 2015 is 15,63%?
    As far as i know that should be more like 3ish%

    1. Eric Dekker

      The yield is by prospect, so 2015 ore means 403 prospects, with 63 gems that’d mean 15.63% per prospect

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