In Which I Finally Complete a Recruit-A-Friend Pair

Last time World of Warcraft went on sale I decided to take advantage of it to get myself a second account (well, fourth technically). So I recruited myself, bought the new battle chest (includes Wrath of the Lich King) and went on my way to level a Hunter and Warrior pair.After I got the two off the Pandaren starting island (I made use of the RAF bonus there too so I was a bit ahead of the curve there) I set up some macros and AutoHotKey and spent the rest of the pair’s play time queuing for dungeon after dungeon with my Warrior as tank.

For those of you that don’t know me as well, I’m a lousy alt leveller. I’m a lousy leveller in general actually, I currently only have one 90 and of the three 85s I had at the end of Cataclysm one was a fresh character I made to make use of the Scroll of Resurrection on a second account to get a boost to 80. My gold making has always been hampered by my low availability of characters, and so when I transferred realms a while back I took the opportunity to make a second Death Knight, because I’m that lazy.

Previously I have RAF’d myself twice before, and only one of those times I managed to successfully finish a pair (at that time the limit for RAF bonus was level 60) but after the pair was done I never touched them again (a Warrior and a Priest) and they got left behind when I transferred servers. After basically two failed attempts, I don’t know what compelled me to try again, but after what seemed like forever still, I completed my Warrior/Hunter combo today (two weeks before the RAF link was set to expire).

Before this pair I was working on levelling a monk and she was level 46 before I started the pair, and I had two level 75 Death Knights as well. I used the grantable levels to bring the Monk up to level 80, one of the Death Knights to level 80, and I had a level left over so with no one else to use it on I granted it to my second Death Knight (well, first Death Knight Technically) to bring it to level 76. Talk about efficient levelling eh?

Here’s what my roster looks like now after I’ve transferred the Warrior to my main account:

New Roster

Basically, I’ve gained four new 80s I can use now for professions, and to level since the 8-90 stretch is much more enjoyable than the 1-80 stretch. Now I’ve just got to decide which character I’m going to play first. I think I’ve become an altoholic.

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