Arranging Professions: A Case Study (Part 2)

So it’s been a while since I wrote part one of this arranging professions case study, nearly 6 months in fact. I never ended up acting on any of my plans I had for entering Mists of Pandaria, I went into Mists of Pandaria with no major changes. Recently I mentioned that I had finally completed a Recruit-a-Friend pair of characters, and have thus greatly expanded the amount of characters I have available to use for professions.

Since then I’ve levelled the monk a bit, and so my current character roster looks like this

Character Level Profession 1 Profession 2
Druid 90 600 Blacksmithing 576 Engineering
Monk 86
Priest 85 600 Alchemy 600 Enchanting
Paladin 85 610 Jewelcrafting 600 Inscription
Hunter 80
Warrior 80
Deathknight 80 525 Mining  500 Tailoring
Deathknight 76 525 Enchanting 525 Alchemy

Which leaves me in a bit of a spot still. Yes I have a lot more potential for professions, but I’m still short a miner. My first Deathknight (well first now, it’s actually my second) can smelt Ghost Iron Ore, but it will need to get to 600 mining to smelt Trillium Ore, and that’s a problem as you can’t smelt your way to 600 mining, you need to actually mine which requires level 85.

I want to stick Leatherworking and Tailoring on my Monk, seems fitting and they will benefit from being on a potential raiding character. Another issue, I really don’t like Deathknights, I don’t like Warriors either I’ve decided, but I like them more than Deathknights. So I might just level the Warrior to 85, and then stick mining on it.

The real problem is that my Blacksmithing and Engineering are near useless without the ability to smelt Trillium. I mean, I could just buy Trillium Bars, but that has the potential of screwing me out of a lot of profit. Decisions, decisions. Have I mentioned how much I hate levelling?

So that’s where I am know, and I am looking for advice and ideas on what to do from here.

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  1. Brent

    There is no real need to smelt trillium ore. You only need to smelt ghost iron ore, send the bars to your alchemist and transmute to trillium bars. There is no limit on this and you will get extra bars if you are transmute spec.

  2. Ishtla

    Since you have an alchemist at 600 you can take 10 ghost iron bars and transmute to trillium bars until your smelting is high enough.

  3. Eric Dekker

    @Brent @Ishtla
    I have done that before actually, for levelling purposes, but I can’t imagine that being profitable. I’ll double check that though, thanks!

  4. Tomhupal

    Choosing professions is very mathematical.
    Gnome has racials for Engineering
    Drenai has racials for Jewelcrafting,
    Worgen has racials for skinning.
    In addition each profession has buffs for classes:
    Strength from mining etc.
    so choose a race/class combo to maximize the bonuses.

    1. Eric Dekker

      Racial bonuses don’t really do much, especially once the profession is leveled

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