20 Days of Gold Making: Day 5 – Do you keep the same banker alt or do you change them up occasionally? Why?

Oh this is a good question. Yesterday when I introduced you to my bank alt I mentioned that the bling she was sporting was original, that set has been with my bankers from the very beginning.

Now I’m on my third server since I started playing WoW. I originally started playing on US-Maelstrom because that’s where my friend was playing, and when he moved to US-Shadowmoon for better PvP opportunities I followed suite. After my raiding guild on Shadowmoon blew up (and my friend having left the game) I went to US-Stormrage for better raiding opportunities. Due to a bunch of reasons I never got back into raiding, but that’s why I made the move (and I don’t regret it, Stormrage is a good server for me).

So obviously I made a new bank alt every time I switched servers (it’s a bit silly to take the time and money to bring a level one bank alt over) but what about other times? Well, outside of server transfers I’ve changed bankers three or four times, depending on how you count.

When I first started out making gold on Maelstrom I just used a forgotten hunter alt, Rhoymarcus I think, as my bank alt. I eventually decided I wanted to be more “professional” so I made a fresh level one character (I think it was a priest) as my first true bank alt.

Skip ahead to Shadowmoon and my heroic raiding experience. I was in a heroic raiding guild and at least one other person in the guild was into gold making. He’d noticed me doing mass prospecting and gem cutting I guess and was curious as to who my banker was. I made a slip one night that cost me my identity, after a raid I sent a BoE to my banker and put it on the Auction House. That was just the slip the guy needed, and busted my “secret identity.” I ditched that banker and rolled a new one which lasted me to the end of my stay on Shadowmoon.

Somewhere along there though I dabbled in a second account. While I had the second account I decided to make use of it and put my banker on it so I could bank and play the game at the same time (along with a whole host of other benefits to having a banker on a second account). When I cancelled the second account I went back to my original banker I believe, so I don’t know how you’d count that, three? Four? Four changes technically, but three bankers.

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  1. Rob

    You mention the ‘slip’ that led to your ID being reveled. What were the consequences of your ID being known? Was it just jealousy over the amount of gold you were making or was he getting upset when you undercut him? Guildies expecting your to contribute more to raids or the guild bank? Or is there something more?

    I have a banker toon that isn’t in my guild…but in the age of RealID I assume all of my ‘friends’ realize what is going on when I’m regularly on a toon that never levels.

    1. Eric Dekker

      Honestly there wasn’t a huge repercussion, but that might just be because I acted on it so quickly. Everyone apparently knew my banker and was surprised when my cover was blown, so any damage was probably done. I know some people have faced major issues with their guilds, down to being denied loot because they could buy BoE off the auction house :/

      1. Rob

        Cool. Thanks for the reply. Enjoying reading your blog.

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