20 Days of Gold Making: Day 3–What Were the First Techniques/Tricks/Tips You Used When Starting Out?

I mentioned on day one that the one of the first things I did to make gold was to go flying around Northrend mining ore, and then either selling that ore or prospecting the ore and selling the gems. What I didn’t admit is that I’d often go farming mobs in Icecrown, simply killing group after group of mobs for their loot, making trips back to Dalaran to sell the grey vendor trash I picked up. I know, disgraceful, but look how far I’ve come.

My first real gold making endeavour (I realize I may be contradicting some things from previous posts, but memory is a fickle thing) was buying raw epic gems, cutting them, and selling them. All by hand mind you, I hadn’t discovered the use of add-ons other than Auctioneer. I’d buy gems, mostly the orange and purple epic gems, from the auction house or a supplier (there was a guy who gave me a good deal, he’d sell his tanking for randoms and used the points for gems), cut them, and sell them for a profit. I can’t remember where exactly I picked that up, my ego wants to say I thought of it myself, but in reality I think one of my friends suggested it.

After that ventured into flipping items, starting with the Belt of the Lonely Noble. Yup, that’s right, I remember my first real item flip. After that I was hooked, and started getting into gold making properly with my next profession I levelled being Inscription. Now before you groan at me again, back in the day Inscription was practically printing money before the patch 4.0 changes, so it wasn’t the groan worthy decision it is today.

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  1. Nunya

    I’m actually ‘starting out’ right now, nothing serious in truth, just crafting for profit. Made around ~100k in 3 weeks now, which I guess isn’t amazing, but it was nice for me.

    It seems strange to me that you call inscription groan-worthy, as glyphs and belt buckles are what make me my money right now. It seems great for someone inexperienced to get into.

    My biggest helper has been tradeskillmaster, I wouldn’t be able to even function without it, frankly.

    1. Eric Dekker

      100k in 3 weeks is pretty damn good, probably better than what I’m doing now lol. Obviously YMMV, but on most markets (reportedly at least, obviously I can only attest to my own) glyphs are in the shitter, they’re barely making me any gold. Too much competition or too little demand.

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