New: The Golden Crusade Spirit of Harmony Optimizer

A lot of players always ask about what the best use of their Spirit of Harmony is. Now while this isn’t always clear cut (you might want to save them up on certain characters if they go BoE or BoA) this spreadsheet breaks down the market value of your Spirit of Harmony for each item that can be bought or crafted with Spirit of Harmony.

SoH Optimizer

You can see here an example of the Optimizer in action. The spreadsheet breaks all the craftable items you can sell on the Auction House into the professions that create them as well as items that can be purchased from vendors using Spirit of Harmony. At the bottom of each list the most profitable item is listed again for ease of use.

The data collection is the exact same as the one used in The Golden Crusade Shuffler but is maintained separately, so if you have both spreadsheets the two spreadsheets will not collaborate, you’ll need to keep them up to date separately.

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All you need to do is plug in the data in the appropriate tab and check the results. These values are obtained by subtracting the material costs of purchasable materials from the items market value.

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