Why Gold Has a Bigger Impact on the Game Than Many Players Think

Whenever the issue of gold is brought up it seems at least one person in the discussion has to have the knee-jerk reaction of “Well it’s not like gold is used for anything. I mean besides repairs and gems/enchants/potions/flasks/etc., what do you need it for?”

First of all, that’s a lot of stuff to spend your gold on, especially if you don’t have a guild covering any of it. I don’t know many guilds that provide you with everything you need, hell, some don’t provide you with anything. When I raided I was expected to be able to provide myself with:

  • Repairs
  • Reforges
  • Potions (we double potted every pull)
  • Flasks/Elixirs
  • Gems
  • Enchants
  • Food

These things can set you back a good amount of gold, and these are mandatory if you want to do your best. If you don’t have the gold to get these done, how are you going to perform at your best? Some guilds will provide some of these things, but as Matticus has explained there’s a line between personal and guild responsibility, and it can change from guild to guild.

You can also throw gold at your item level to buy BoE items to skip a whole lot of tedious grinding. Lets take for example my druid. He is my main character lately and my namesake, and the first I got to level 90 though I only hit 90 Friday night. Not only am I seriously behind most players, I level him as Feral when I really want to heal and hadn’t picked up any resto gear along the way. Solution? Throw gold at the problem. Here’s what I all bought after getting my druid to 90:

  • Leather healing starting vendor gear: 710 gold
  • MoP Flying: 2,500 gold
  • Bag Upgrades – 3x Illusionary Bags – 8 bag space slots upgrade: 9,200 gold
  • Misthide Gear: 2,327gold
  • Relic of Chi Ji: 23,399 gold
  • Reset Specialization: 68 gold

I also impulsively bought three of the new yaks including the Grand Expedition Yak for an additional 113,400 gold out of my pocket that night. I decided to forgo enchants since this was starter gear and I couldn’t have used gems even if I had wanted to since there are no gem slots on any of the gear I now poses. Even so, I ended up throwing 38,204 gold at my fresh druid in under 24 hours.

If the average World of Warcraft player has under 80,000 gold then purchases this large would take a sizable chunk out of their gold levels, in fact over 25% of WoW players would not have been able to afford this purchase.

Now I also have that feral spec that I need to keep at acceptable levels for my dailies and whatnot (healing specs are terrible for solo content). Then, to top it off, if I ever want to PvP I’d need to buy a fresh set of PvP gear for one or both of my specs.

While obviously didn’t have to do most of the things on this list, I chose to because it made my life easier, and honestly that’s the point about collecting gold: It makes things easier. Don’t want to grind for gear? Buy some. Don’t want to go to the city to reforge your new gear? If you have the Expedition Yak you just have to get to a place where you can mount up. Want that cool mount that’s tied to a raid achievement? Pay a guild to take you through the raid.

No, gold strictly isn’t necessary besides what I listed at the beginning of the post, but it sure as hell makes life easier.

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  1. phedre

    I’m in the same position as you – my druid just hit 90 this week, and I wanted to get her raid ready, at least to be able to queue for LFR. So I ran random heroics until I wanted to beat my head against my keyboard (or more accurately, the idiot tanks heads). I got sick of it, so I went to the AH and bought some epic & rare BOEs – BAM, 461 ilvl. I’ve done the same with my paladin and shaman, and to a lesser extent my priest, and will do it again once my warlock hits 90.

    This is my fourth healing 90, all of which are 460+ ilvl, all of which can be swapped into our raid if necessary instead of my disc priest if raid composition calls for it. If I didn’t have access to a large stockpile of gold, there’s no way I could have all four raid ready so quickly. Could I do it the old fashioned way? Sure, but why bother when I can just drop a few thousand gold?

    And that doesn’t even get into the little day to day expenses that add up – gems, enchants, flasks, pots, food, repairs… especially when you first get to 90 and upgrades come quickly.

    Anyone who thinks gold doesn’t have an impact on making play easier is deluding themselves.

  2. Bombtrap

    How gold facilitates life:

    Bought a boots that drops in heroic mode in an instance that has not even opened for 10k on BMAH

    Bought some BoE gears to get i470 and skip lots of dailies and LFR to gear up for H raids.

    gold and time, thats the point.

  3. Fantacie

    Well stated. For me having a gold stockpile has eased the decision making process when it came to purchasing such things as the Traveling Tundra Mamoth and Vial of The Sands mount. Their usefulness is undeniable, gold well spent!

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