In Which I Get My 100th Mount

So back in Wrath I made a bet with a friend (who’s since stopped playing – stupid rouges) to see who could get to Mountain o’ Mounts first. Well, as you can probably guess at the elapsed time between that bet and this post, I lost, big time. He ended up getting the achievement before Cataclysm even launched, and here I am 2 expansions later only getting it now.

After getting the turtle mounts I realized how close I was to hitting the 100 mount mark, so I ended up splurging on some new shiny mounts to bring my total up to 101 (the Blue Dragonhawk is learned automatically now it seems). Here are some of my characters sporting their nifty new mounts

Monk on Ruby Panther

Druid on Crimson Deathcharger

Druid on Sapphire Panther

Paladin on Jade Panther

Priest on Sunstone Panther

Druid on Blue Dragonhawk

Notably absent is the Jeweled Onyx Panther because, well, there weren’t any on the Auction House when I went on my buying spree.The three panther mounts each cost roughly 25,000 gold and the Crimson Deathcharger goes for about 20,000 gold on my server.

I’m kind of disappointed with the Blue Dragonhawk, I mean for a mount that takes so much time and energy (and in my case, gold) you would think it’d be a better looking mount. I can’t see it being used when I have so many better options, but just having it is a testament to how much time I’ve put into this game. Next mount I’m probably going to get is the new Refer-A-Friend mount, the Obsidian Nightwing, since I’m currently levelling a Warrior/Hunter combo through the benefits of triple experience.

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