Monthly Archive: November 2012

The Golden Crusade Shuffler Updated to V0.3.3

Just a quick note that The Golden Crusade Shuffler has been upgraded to V0.3.3 which includes a small fix for Google Docs users as well as fixes a typo that prevented Enchant Chest – Glorious Stats sales data from being collected. I recommend everyone grabs this update. I’ve included the version history for the last …

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Why Gold Has a Bigger Impact on the Game Than Many Players Think

Whenever the issue of gold is brought up it seems at least one person in the discussion has to have the knee-jerk reaction of “Well it’s not like gold is used for anything. I mean besides repairs and gems/enchants/potions/flasks/etc., what do you need it for?” First of all, that’s a lot of stuff to spend …

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Have You Joined /r/WoWEconomy Yet?

From the makers of /r/WoW comes the brand new subreddit /r/WoWEconomy. If you haven’t checked it out yet I highly suggest you do. Know many of you that use Reddit may be thinking “Wtf, another gold making subreddit?” but there’s good reason for this subreddit. The mods at /r/WoW noticed the division in the gold …

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In Which I Get My 100th Mount


So back in Wrath I made a bet with a friend (who’s since stopped playing – stupid rouges) to see who could get to Mountain o’ Mounts first. Well, as you can probably guess at the elapsed time between that bet and this post, I lost, big time. He ended up getting the achievement before …

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Report: World of Warcraft Gold Survey 2012


The results are in for the second annual World of Warcraft Gold Survey. I’d like to open with a personal note to thank everyone who helped make the survey such a success, not only this year but last year as well. When I started the survey last year I never dreamed it would evolve to …

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