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After a hectic week I’ve managed to finally get The Golden Crusade Shuffler updated to V0.3.0 which includes the following changes

  • Now accounts for and displays Auction House cut and profit margin
  • Added and updated Enchanting support
    • Can now calculate profits when making scrolls
    • Converts to most profitable materials to buy and sell
  • Added option for perfect cuts
  • Fixed errors collecting cut prices with CSV data
  • Data collection now prioritizes IQY>CSV>XML
  • Added/Fixed Advice
    • Now recommends whether to sell or disenchant the rare procs from Ornate Bands and Shadowfire Necklaces
    • Now advises on which Enchanting material conversions are profitable
    • Transmutes and Serpent’s Eye Jewellery now tells you if the crafts are profitable or not
  • Now able to enter override purchase prices for Golden Lotus and enter a price manually (also applies to the new Enchanting materials section)
  • Cost now includes vendor items (Settings and Vellums)
  • Option to calculate for selling or disenchanting blue quality Ornate Bands and Shadowfire Necklace (advice has been added for this as well)
  • Now accounts for extra Serpent’s Eyes you have to buy
  • Fixed logic for how many Ornate Bands and Shadowfire Necklaces you can craft
  • Improved Ghost Iron Ore prospecting table with data from larger sample size
  • Housekeeping
    • Removed sneaky pesky XML maps so you should no longer get XML errors  
    • Cleaned up a bunch of convoluted formulas

As you can see this was in no way a minor update, I just kept adding and fixing things as I delved into it. Somehow this whole time the CSV data hasn’t been working for cuts, but that’s fixed now. By requested I added the major features for Perfect Cuts and Enchanting support which includes conversions for enchanting materials which must’ve have taken as much time as the rest of the features in this spreadsheet all together.

I’ve also updated the instructions so if you have any questions about any of the features go give it a read, should have everything covered.

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