Updates to The Golden Crusade Shuffler

As of writing the current version of The Golden Crusade Shuffler is V0.2.3

Since I released the shuffler Sunday I’ve made a series of changes, some of them bug fixes, some of them feature requests (and a good deal of bugs introduced when adding the new features).

Since release the changes look like this:

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed rare gem totals not accounting for primal diamond transmutes
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed transmutes not accounting for Transmute Mastery
  • [Updated] Updated the transmute mastery bonus to 20% (up from 10%)
  • [Updated] Rearranged some sections
  • [Feature] Added options for CSV and IQY data imports from The Undermine Journal
  • [Feature] Added Google Docs version
  • [Feature] Added support for jewellery crafted with Serpent’s Eye
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed primal transmutes not taking mastery into account (again)
  • [Bug Fix] Multiple bug fixes with Enchanting material
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed advice section giving bad advice
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed Golden Lotuses not being accounted for
  • [Feature] Now able to toggle market value for Sparkling Shards or Serpent’s Eye

This is what the current to-do list looks like:

  • Add support for White and Black Trillium Ore
  • [Potential] Add support for enchanting scrolls
  • Update prospecting tables for Ghost Iron Ore and Kyparite with potentially more accurate data
  • Update Disenchanting tables with potentially more accurate data

Known Bugs:

  • Advice on Essence –> Shards and Essence –> Crystals is broken

I’d like to thank all those on the blog and on The Consortium forums who helped ironed out all the bugs and dutifully performed their roles as guinea pigs. I apologize for all the issues since release, seems most of the problems lately have come from when I added CSV and IQY support I rearranged some things and apparently the references didn’t get updated properly.

I figured I’d publish this post to let those who read the blog know about the changes, the current version should be pretty stable and I’ll announce any major updates on the blog as well.

For reference he’s the post on The Consortium forums(I didn’t create this thread for the record so I didn’t get to name it): MoP – Shuffler SPREADSHEET IS OUT!!!! THANKS ALL TO XSINTHIS

Sound out with any other features you might like to see on the spreadsheet and go and download the latest version if you haven’t already.

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Eric Dekker

Gamer. Student. Nerd. Author of The Golden Crusade. Find him on + and Twitter.


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  1. Hagu

    What does the googledoc update mean? I have two macs and a pc and it is much simplier to keep everything in google.

    Is there a google doc link/export available?

    Thanks for all the work

    1. Eric Dekker

      Yes, if you go to the download page there’s a link that says “View and Download The Golden Crusade Shufflers V0.2.3” just click that and it should come up in Google Docs. It’s read only obviously so you’ll have to save it to your own account to use it.

  2. epic

    “Update prospecting tables for Ghost Iron Ore and Kyparite with potentially more accurate data; Update Disenchanting tables with potentially more accurate data”…thats easy Uncommon 25% rare 4% shards 110% for Kyparite and Ghost Iron, Trillium; Uncommon 18% Rare 15% Shards 170% DEing Uncommon; Orante band , shadowfire necklace 85% 2.5 dust 15% 1 essence; Rare 100% 1 small shard, for some reason wowhead is using really small samples as of now but the number are what we extrapolated in the beta we’ve know the breakdown for months. But more importantly you left out any reference to Perfect cuts (which are equal to rare cuts) and their possible impact on if crafting to DE or cut for perfects(20% proc assumed with current data) as viable options. Unless that is taken into account somehow, there is little point in moving forward with the rest of the project.

    1. Eric Dekker

      That’s just it, I’m using specific prospecting values for each gem. Also, these values have changed a bit since Beta so I’m only using data gathered since launch, and I can’t use WoWhead data.

      I’ve left out perfect cuts for now because it’s very unshuffle like right now, too much manual work and way too finicky. I haven’t decided yet whether I’ll add it in at all or how I’ll account for it

  3. Khrazer

    Hello there! first of all, awesome spreadsheet!, second of all, i’d like to know where the “Background” Worksheet is, and how can i make that visible, which is used in some formulas , and lastly, can you clarify how the formula for looking up a price of a X item from the xml data works? i cant figure it out, or could you point me in the right direction?
    Thanks bud!

    1. Eric Dekker

      In Excel you can right click any Worksheet and select “Unhide” and then chose which sheets to unhide, don’t know about any other spreadsheet programs though. Basically since I couldn’t get VLOOKUP to work I had to use a combo of INDEX() and MATCH() to find the name or ItemID and pull the market price from the corresponding column. The reason the price fetching formulas are so convoluted is that it has to accommodate being able to pull data from any of the three tabs

  4. Throgan

    I think you might have made an error with your equation for the Primal Diamond transmute in cell I12.

    Your equation only pulls the sale price value of the primal diamond from the prices tab, instead of accounting for the cost of the mats (2 Vermillion Onyx, 2 Imperial Amethyst, and 2 Wild Jade).

    The equation for this cell that works for me is:


    This will then compare the cost of the transmute against the average price of the primal diamond cuts (via the conditional formatting) to determine profitability.

    Would this equation be correct?

    1. Eric Dekker

      That’s actually just to display the market value, I suppose it should be labeled more appropriately haha. Now that you mention it though I probably should change it to cost, thanks for pointing it out

      1. Throgan

        Hrmm, that’s strange then because the rest of the cells under “Value” display the crafting cost of the x-mute, and via conditional formatting display whether it was profitable or not based on the cost of materials.

        This is why I was confused why the Primal Diamond value only pulled the price value and did not determine the crafting cost like all of the others in the table.

        Only reason I noticed it was because the primal x-mute gems on my server are actually quite high (200-350g) which results in a crafting cost of something like 1500g whereas the primal diamonds are only selling for 900g. (Don’t ask me what other JC’ers are thinking on my realm, I’m at a loss for words there!)

        Great work on the spreadsheet though! Will prove very useful now that I’ve finally gotten around to getting my JC’er leveled up! :D

        1. Eric Dekker

          Yea it’ a bit silly right now how it’s set up, working on clarifying a few things in the next version and this’ll likely end up getting fixed


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