Results for Prospecting, Milling, and Disenchanting in Mists of Pandaria

Over the last several days I’ve spent an unfortunate amount of gold buying up ore and herbs and processing it just to gather some usable results for prospecting, milling, and disenchanting. I already stealth updated the Prospecting Rates page with yields from Ghost Iron Ore and Kyparite, and I have now also updated the Milling Results page. For completeness I’ve included in this post my disenchanting and blue proc rates for the Jewelcrafting neck and ring pieces that can now be made.

Prospecting Mists of Pandaria Ore

Unfortunately I couldn’t get my hands on enough Trillium Ore to test properly, so those results are still unknown, but I’ve got reliable results for Ghost Iron Ore and Kyparite (and yes it’s just Kyparite, not Kyparite Ore). Here are the raw results from my prospecting

MoP Live Prospecting Results

As you can see the results are nearly identical, with Kyparite beating out Ghost Iron Ore by only a very small margin. Keep in mind these numbers are average yield per prospect (Kyparite still stacks to 200 so we can’t do a per stack measurement to compare them accurately). You can find these results summarized on the Prospecting Rates

Milling Mists of Pandaria Herbs

In Mists of Pandaria there is only one higher tier herb that yields better pigment results. You can find the results summed up on the Milling Results page.

MoP Live Milling Results

Fool’s Cap will give you 6 Ink of Dreams, and 1 Starlight Ink per stack. All the other herbs will give you 5 Ink of Dreams and 0.5 Starlight Ink per stack.

Disenchanting Mists of Pandaria Jewelcrafting Neck and Ring

Using the gems from my prospecting experiments I crafted some of the new neck and ring from Jewelcrafting, the results as follows.

Mop Live Disenchanting Results

This shows how many of each item was made, how many blue quality and green quality items were made of each, and the disenchanting results from each. All testing was done without the Bountiful Bags guild perk.

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  1. Lelia

    Do you still need some prospecting data?

    I’ll just go ahead and post the results of my last session yesterday:

    8310 ghost iron ore
    84 primordial ruby 428 pandarian garnet
    68 sun’s radience 415 sunstone
    87 river’s heart 438 lapis lazuli
    81 wild jade 404 alexandrite
    83 imperial amethyst 381 roguestone
    68 vermilion onyx 405 tiger opal
    2048 sparkling shards

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