One Year Blogiversary

So it seems my one year anniversary of blogging passed me by without me noticing! To be fair I had a bit of a rough start, it was more of a soft launch so it was hard to determine exactly when I started blogging, but I’ve decided the best date to consider my first day of blogging would be October 25th, 2011 since I that’s the date of the first post. Actually, I have 4 posts listed on that day:

It’s interesting looking back at some of these posts and seeing how events have transpired, for example that twice a week reset never took and we’re still on the same ol’ weekly raid resets.

Since I started recording stats, as far as I can tell early November, the blog has received 91,683 views at the time of this writing. I’d like to thank all the readers, commenters and fellow bloggers who made this whole year worth it.

Unfortunately I don’t have anything special to do for the anniversary, hell like I said I didn’t even really notice it’s passing. Here’s to another year of blogging though!

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