Not Enough Time in the Day

What I like most about my expansion experience so far is that there has been so much to do, and not a single one of them has been the “right” thing to do. Lately I’ve been leveling a monk (Pandaren of course, shame on all you who have anything but a Pandaren monk) and have left my druid feeling neglected and still at level 87.

My Priest and Paladin? Haven’t even started the MoP quest chain yet. I’ve been missing out on a lot of gold because of this; my Paladin with inscription and JC currently has no access to Spritit of Harmony or the new Jewelcrafting recipes. My Priest for now will have to keep mining and herbalism because I haven’t been able to get and Gatherer data from my guild, and since I need the spawn data for herbs and mining nodes I’ll have to do it the old fashion way, farm the ore and herbs myself and let my Gatherer record it. Once that’s done I can giver her Alchemy and Enchanting so I can retired my DK which has also been neglected left sitting in Dalaran at level 75 (my DK has always been my profession whore, the only reason I had it was for easy profession slots).

I was going to start farms on my paladin and priest but there’s really no point running them over to start it because I can’t get Tiller’s reputation until level 90. I have to figure out whether it’s worth it or not to tend the farms before I can start getting reputation. Maybe a future blog post? The gold making potential for Tiller’s farm?

As of writing my Monk is currently level 39 and gaining rapidly, she’s pretty much the only character I’ve been playing for the past week except to manage my gold making activities. Why you may ask? Because Mistweavers are awesome that’s why. Mistweavers just have this perfect blend of healing, dps, uniqueness, and badassery (shut up, “badassery” is totally a word).

I must admit one of the things that attracts me to the Mistweaver is how different it handles from the other healers (does that make me a healing hipster?). Don’t get me wrong, Atonement Discipline Priests were fun and all, but so far Mistweavers take the damage to heal to a whole new level. I guess the best way to describe it is that healing as a Mistweaver, so far at least, is exciting. I’ve always enjoyed healing, both in World of Warcraft and other games (one of my top played classes in TF2 was Medic), but Mistweavers are just something special. I guess the whole just getting into the thick of things and smacking around some mobs between heals just appeals to me.

Since I left the Wandering Isle I haven’t even touched a mob outside an instance, I’ve just been running through dungeon after dungeon. With the exp nerfs, BoA gear, rested exp, and the experience buff Monks get I’ve pretty much leveled at least once every time I do a dungeon, and with the day dungeons are spaced out in terms of level requirements I’ve had to redo a dungeon maybe once before I’ve unlocked new ones. Once I start getting closer to Burning Crusade content though I realize I’ll have to actually start questing, I can already start to feel my leveling slow down in dungeons. But if Mistweavers are as awesome as I think they are questing and leveling with my Monk should be super easy, I mean healing while doing damage? Everything should be cake, especially since so far I’ve been doing comparable DPS to actual DPS players.

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  1. Phat Lewts

    Hey, if you try using the gathermate 2.0 addon, you can also get gathermate 2_data, and it will import all the nodes for you! Makes your life that much easier. :-)

    1. Eric Dekker

      Yea I think WoWhead usually puts together a Gatherer import, but it kind of feels like cheating :P Worse comes to worse I’ll have to do that though, not too huge an issue.

  2. Veronica

    “shut up, “badassery” is totally a word” I love this :) I wanna make a monk soon, but I’m so busy with all the dailies and rep stuff!

    1. Eric Dekker

      Haha thanks, I crack myself up sometimes :P

      I recommend it, though from a time perspective I wish I hadn’t haha, waaaay too busy to be leveling a new character. Good news is my druid is now level 88 haha

  3. DZ Soma

    Excellent post. I’ve only gone through Pandaland with the one character so far; I’ve had to work on professions as well as gearing my main (which is a pain to say the least, stupid RNG!).

  4. Taitrina

    Nice post! Monks are pretty epic. Everytime I go on my monk (gnome ofc!) I’m sad when I have to leave it to go on a higher priority character. Your enthusiasm for it just really sticks out and it makes for a really great read. Also badassary is definitely a word :) Though comparable dps to dps characters makes me wonder if it’s heading for a nerf.

    Oh as for farms definitely go and take every character you can and get the farming started. Levelling cooking takes a ton of vegetables and so do all of the feasts. I don’t do it to make gold but it does mean I can provide for myself and my guild. There could be gold to be made though by trading in the vegetables for tokens, and then buying the token only mats and selling them. The tokens are the big limiting factor on producing the best food so I’d bet that they fetch the best prices.

    1. Eric Dekker

      I’ve been dutifully managing my farm on my druid, trying to get a nice even spread of vegetables. Unfortunately my priest and paladin haven’t even entered Pandaland yet so no farming for them :(

      1. Taitrina

        You can send any level 85 to farm. They don’t get rep and won’t be able to make the farm bigger than the initial 4 spots, but they can farm those 4 spots from the very beginning. I took all my 85’s to Pandaria and then jumped right off the ship (I’m Alliance) and rode out to Halfhill. You don’t need to do a single quest in Pandaria to unlock the initial 4 plot farm.

  5. Malkshake

    I definitely identify with there not being enough time in the day. I haven’t reached 90 on my main yet due to school and work etc but also because there’s so much to do this expansion. I’ve also taken to my mistweaver monk, my main is a disc priest so I settled right into the idea of damaging to heal and I like how much farther the monk takes it than Atonement does.

    1. Eric Dekker

      I’m actually starting to cringe when I think about hitting 90 because of how much new stuff there is, it’s going to take waaaay to long to get my druid raid ready, let alone my paladin and priest as well

  6. Laird

    Time is a major issue loved the post and also working on a Monk but only when time permits.

  7. Chris

    Oh yeah, right there with you on how awesome the experience has been in the new expansion. I’m doing a bit of everything, except GRIND. And I frickin’ love it.

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