Is the Shuffle Profitable Yet in Mists of Pandaria? (Spoilers: Yes It Is)

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I’ve read that many players are avoiding the shuffle right now claiming it is in profitable, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Right now the shuffle is very profitable and everyone who’s interested in gold making should be doing it right now.

Don’t let the high gold cost of ore right now deter you, doing the shuffle right now can be extremely profitable. Take a look at my previous post Results of Prospecting, Milling, and Disenchanting in Mists of Pandaria for information on where I’m getting some of my numbers from.

I’m currently working on a shuffling spreadsheet of my own (I know The Consortium is working on one as well, this is another book thing) but until it’s ready I want to go over an example of how the shuffle can be lucrative.

Right now I’m buying Ghost Iron Ore up at up to 200 gold per stack which may seem expensive but wait until we break it down. If we take a sample of 100 stacks, costing us up to 20,000 gold, we get approximately the following yield:

  • 610 Uncommon Gems
  • 108 Rare Gems
  • 520 Sparking Shards

Let’s start with the easy one first, Sparking Shards; It takes 10 Sparkling Shards to make one Serpents Eye so this sample will produce 52 Serpent’s Eyes which at an average cost of 47g right now will sell for 2444 gold.

Next up we have the rare gems. I’m going to take the yields from my prospecting results so I’m not going to split this evenly six ways. Here’s how this sample should break down, for arguments sake we’ll be using uncut prices, so depending on what cuts you have you can get significantly more for any gem.


Gem Count Price Per (gold) Total Value (gold)
Primordial Ruby 15 234 3510
Sun’s Radiance 17 43 731
River’s Heart 17 54 918
Wild Jade 19 250 4750
Imperial Amethyst 20 213 4260
Vermillion Onyx 20 239 4780

The rare gems, uncut, would get us 18,949 gold. Add this to the amount we’ve made from the Serpent’s Eyes we’ve already made 21,393 gold, that’s a profit of 1,393 gold over the cost of the Ghost Iron Ore, and that is without taking into account the fact that most of the Ghost Iron Ore we would have picked up for this example cost well below the 200 gold per stack price.

Now what to do with those uncommon gems? Luckily at this point everything we make off the uncommon gems is gravy since we’ve already made back our investment.

Since transmuting the meta gem, Primal Diamond, now uses rare gems that isn’t an option for our uncommon gems. That leaves us with three options for our uncommon gems:

For this example we’ll be crafting the Jewelcrafting ring and necklace, but selling raw and cut are also potential sources of profit, though expect those markets to be saturated. Keep in mind that the perfect cut uncommon gems sell very well since they have stats equal to that of rare gems.

Roguestone and Sunstone are going to be the limiting factor statistically for these two jewellery pieces, so we’re going to assume we have 96 Roguestones and 97 Sunstones, which means we can craft 96 Shadowfire Necklaces and 97 Ornate Bands.

Since the blue quality items from these sell so well we will not be disenchanting them and instead sending them right to market and for this example we will be assuming you can sell each blue item for at least 100 gold (a very conservative estimate). Given the proc rates I found for blue items statistically we will get 7 blue quality Shadowfire Necklaces and 3 blue quality Ornate Bands which means another 1,000 gold in our pocket. Total sales so far are now 22,393 gold at a conservative estimate.

This leaves us with 89 green (or uncommon) quality Shadowfire Necklaces and 94 green quality Ornate Bands.

Spirit Dust Mysterious Essence
Shadowfire Necklace 212 8
Ornate Band 214 15

This leaves us with 426 Spirit Dust and 23 Mysterious Essence which are currently valued at 3.28 gold and 22.80 gold each, respectively. This gives us a 1397.28 gold worth of Spirit Dust, and 524.40 gold worth of Mysterious Essence. Finally, we can opt to combine 5 Spirit Dust into one Mysterious Essence, so if we chose to do that (you might not want to, depending on what the market saturation is like) we end up with 108 Mysterious Essence and a solitary Spirit Dust with a total value of 2,465 gold in enchanting material.

Where does this leave us? Let’s break it down

Product Value (in gold)
Serpent’s Eye 2444
Rare Gems 18393
Blue Quality Jewellery 1000
Enchanting Material 2465
Total 24302

This gives us a conservative sale value of 24,302 gold for a sample of Ghost Iron Ore that cost us 20,000 gold. Not too shabby eh?

Don’t forget that we took several conservative estimate here:

  • Calculated Ghost Iron Ore costs at our max purchase price
  • Didn’t factor in cut rare gems
  • Low-balled the sale value of blue quality jewellery
  • Didn’t account for sales of enchants

As you can see there is lots of gold to be made in the shuffle already if you are willing to set down the investments for it, but the return will be quick. If you’re not shuffling already, what are you waiting for?

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  1. Handera

    The only thing I’m not doing right now is sending my “green” reds to my transmuter to turn to primordial ruby. The herb you need for it is too expensive.

    Also, I convert the dust all the way up to the epic shard(I always forget what the damn thing is called). I make decent gold doing that since the scroll market is overrun with campers.

    1. Eric Dekker

      Unfortunately I neglected my Enchanter/Aclhemist so he’s still sitting at lvl 75 and is useless to me right now, probably why I over looked the transmutes and the epic shards (I didn’t realize it went all the way up). Thanks for pointing that out

  2. Baronvonbulldog

    Nice blog you got here!

    I am on a fairly low pop server.

    I have been making a fair amount of gold on doing JC/DE in MOP.

    The only challenge I am facing now, is I am seeing that certain gems like Wild Jade, Vermilion Onyx and Imperial Amethyst are selling really good.

    The other gems are starting to stockpile and the prices are dropping on these. That means you have no turnaround for 50% of your inventory, and they are essentially costing you money.

    My spreadsheets still shows me making about 280 gold profit per stack of 20 ore prospected, but I am worried of the gems I am not able to turnaround.

    1. Eric Dekker

      It’s hard to say for sure but I think the reason those might be doing better than others is because those are the three gems used in the Primal Diamond transmute. And yes unfortunately there’s always those one or two colours which will not move, very disappointing.

  3. Coleman

    One question: how long did all that shuffling take?

    1. Eric Dekker

      I didn’t actually do this sample, it was just an example, that’s why I was talking about statistical and historical data as well as prices from TUJ instead of actual sales and resultz. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

  4. Shaft

    I am currently doing the shuffle but I am really not convinced there is a profit in it. I look at some of your prices and think wow you are luck for instance your serpent’s eye price is twice what mine is after looking at it this week, not just a one off check on the weekend when prices can get depressed.

    Also I find that enchanting materials aren’t going anywhere after some initial investigations. I shuffled a tab of windwool cloth while levelling enchanting/tailoring on my priest before Blizzard nerfed the cloth drops and raised the damn price an additional 50% almost overnight.

    Also you mention sell raw gems the uncommon ones but have you seen the ridiculous posting fees it just doesn’t make dollars and sense or gold and silver as the case may be. The only thing really selling consistently now even though they didn’t move for most of the first week is Netherweave bag which when I logged off to eat and look at blogs was going for 125g each.

    Now if I can only tear myself away from all those shuffling and alt jumping to go level my first character to 90.

    1. Eric Dekker

      I’m on one of the busiest alliance realm in the US so situations may change depending on your server, obviously others might not enjoy such prices. Keep in mind though in my example I played it conservatively, I can typically get my Ghost Iron Ore much cheaper than 200g/stack.

      I haven’t had any trouble yet moving enchanting mats, though again obviously different servers different situations.

      I’ve made a shuffling spreadsheet which you can find a link to under the top banner and I’ll be making a post about tomorrow which should help you decided if the shuffle is profitable for you or not.

  5. Herman

    Great delivery. Solid arguments. Keep up the great effort.

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