Announcing the World of Warcraft Wealth Survey 2012

After the success of last year’s World of Warcraft Wealth Survey I have decided to make the World of Warcraft Wealth Survey an annual occurrence. This year the survey is running a full two weeks from Sunday, October 28th through Saturday, November 9th, 2012.

[important]You can find the survey at http://thegoldencrusade.net/survey/ it should only take a minute or two to complete[/important]

With last year’s survey still being linked and talked about a year after the publication of the report I felt it would be a good idea to run another survey a year after the first and after the launch of Mists of Pandaria. I hope to make this a regular event every year around the same time to track how player wealth progresses across the years and expansions. Since this is the second survey it will be the first opportunity to track changes in player wealth over time. The survey this year not only hopes to determine average player wealth and trends of player wealth across demographics but map possible inflation.

Added this year are option questions regarding botting, gold buying and selling, and general exploits to help get a figure on these activities in game and how they relate to wealth levels. I’d like to emphasize that the survey is completely anonymous, no identifying information is recorded but if you are still uncomfortable answering questions about these activities you can opt out of this question by selecting “No Answer” on that part of the survey.

Some of the feedback I received from last year’s survey asked why I didn’t use something like SurveyMonkey for the survey. I looked into this option for the 2012 survey and the free service SurveyMonkey offers won’t be able to handle the survey. In fact the only monthly subscription (I only would need it once a year so paying full annual subscriptions would be silly) not only costs $25/month  but charges $0.15 per response over the first 1000. What this means is that last years survey would have cost me $277 dollars which is something I simply can’t afford, nor would I pay since I have the option of self hosting the survey for free.

Last year there were some issues with my host with the large influx of users the site experience not only when the survey was active but when the report was covered as quite a few gaming news sources covered the report. This year I have a service called CloudFlare running which should not only help reduce server load on my website but provide snappier response to readers outside North America. Further more, I have deployed many tweaks and changes to the site to increase efficiency so there should be no problems with the site during the course of the survey and the time following the report.

Last year I managed to get the full report published 2 days after the survey ended and I hope to replicate if not improve that time this year. If all goes to plan the report should be ready by the morning of November 12, 2012. You can subscribe to the site via RSS, email, Twitter, and Google+ to stay up to date and get notification the minute the report goes live.

If you have a blog, website, stream, etc. about World of Warcraft I would appreciate any help getting this survey to as many players as possible. The key to getting reliable results for the survey is not only a large sample size but a diverse one as well. Last year I managed to collect 2,531 usable results, something I hope to not only hope to match this year but improve on. I also hope to extend the reach of the survey this year reaching more players which is how you can help, by telling your friends, guildies, followers, etc. about the survey and encouraging them to fill it out.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and thanks in advance to all those that take the survey and/or help distribute it. I hope to publish an update half way through the survey so stay tuned not only for that but for the report when the survey finishes.

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  1. Shaft

    Well I filled it out and will Tweet it out and Blog about it when I can. You should make it clear that it is really short I thought I was sitting down to one of those 30 question slogs that take forever. It is a nice idea though I look forward to the report.

    1. Eric Dekker

      Thanks! Both for the suggestion and the publicity. I’ll go and edit my posts to mention it’s really quick, I forgot to mention that this year

  2. farmer100

    I’d love to do something with your survey as I am a wow fan.

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