Announcing The Golden Crusade Shuffler – A Shuffling Spreadsheet for Mists of Pandaria

As I promised in Is the Shuffle Profitable in Mists of Pandaria? (Spoilers: Yes It Is) I have put together a spreadsheet to help aid players making gold with the shuffle in Mists of Pandaria.

You can find the download as well as detailed instructions, features, and revision history on the new page I made for The Golden Crusade Shuffler.

The Golden Crusade Shuffler is currently in beta, that is it isn’t technically complete, I’m still missing prospecting data for White and Black Trillium Ore, so those two ore don’t currently work on the spreadsheet.

All calculations are based off of the findings I published in Results for Prospecting, Milling and Disenchanting in Mists of Pandaria so while you won’t find nice even numbers (e.g. you’ll get different yields for the different colour gems of the same quality) it is as accurate as possible. As time progresses and I will collect larger samples to improve the accuracy of my yield tables and to include Trillium Ore support for the spreadsheet.

To value cut gems I decided to average the market value of all the cuts for that gem, including uncut, that had market prices of the uncut gem or higher. I opted for this method because you won’t usually be selling only the highest priced cuts, and you usually won’t be selling cut gems for less than they are worth raw.

Instead of simply calculating based on market price of ore I allowed users to enter their own purchase values with the market value presented for comparison. I felt this more accurately represents a players purchasing habits as they tend to buy anything they can under a certain price.

Finally, I opted for a conservative 10% bonus with Transmute Mastery and Bountiful Bags until I get information otherwise that either of these values are higher.

The cells that you don’t need to change to work the spreadsheet have been locked and their formulas hidden, but they are not password protected. What this means is it’s guarded against accidental modification, but if you so choose you can go in and make tweaks yourself, see how I calculate things etc. There are two hidden books in the file, “Background” and “Cuts” that are used for behind the scenes calculations and for quick changes to different values. You can unhide these if you like and make tweaks to the behind the scenes values at your own risk.

If you want to share the spreadsheet with others please send them to the page The Golden Crusade Shuffler as this has many benefits one of which is it ensures they get the latest version of the spreadsheet.

If you have any feedback (suggestions, bug reports etc.) please sound off here or contact me directly if you prefer.

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