Taking Stock As We Enter Mists of Pandaria

Back towards the beginning of August (holy crap that seems such a long time ago already) I made a to-do list for Mists of Pandaria. Since then I made several other posts about my preparation for Mists of Pandaria. Here are some of the more pertinent ones for your viewing pleasure incase you missed them the first time:

Yes I know I forgot to complete the arranging professions case study, maybe I’ll do another one after Mists of Pandaria launches. Also yes I realize, now, on the original post I spelt it “preperations” not “preparations” like it should be; and for both of these I apologize.

Overlooking these greviences, lets see how well I did now that Mists of Pandaria is looming shall we?

Sell Everything

While I did stay true to my word and stopped production of everything except glyphs (yes, I realize a few of my fellow goblins are face-palming me right now, but I’ve already defended that decision) but I still haven’t drained my Mists of Pandaria stock for some reason, I think faulty TSM groups are to blame here (my problem, not the add-ons).


I already mentioned my disappointments with Patch 5.0.4. but I’m still glad I stockpiled inks as I mentioned at some point (possible in a live hangout) prices for inks will only go up during Mists of Pandaria. I think when the patch hit I had around 30,000 inks, not too sure though, I know I counted them but I can’t find where I mentioned it. Twitter perhaps?

Leveling Characters

So I completely neglected this. I ended up playing my first Deathknight for half a level, and then forgot about him. Again. I know I’m terrible. The good news is I can probably just offload the Enchanting and Alchemy to my priest (see the Arranging Professions post).


Pretty much the only thing I mentioned on my to-do list under this header was working on my guild. Unsurprisingly, that didn’t pan out well either. I only log in every other day or so to invite people and promote them.

Pets and Mounts

After my initial burtst I stopped buying pets and mounts, mostly because my gold amount was dipping dangerously low (sub 250k) and I’m starting to get nervous looking at the current prices for these items. They should bounce back with Mists, but I always get nervous over these things.

The Upcoming Week

Several things aligned to make this upcoming week wonderfully hectic:

  • Mists of Pandaria on Tuesday (durr)
  • My friend Kibbles will be in town Thursday-Friday
  • Chapter 3 due Friday
  • Regularly Scheduled classes
  • Probably some assignment I forgot about

Now you might not think this is too busy except for the tiny detail that I haven’t started Chapter 3 yet. I also won’t be able to skip class Tuesday for Mists since I missed practically 3 days this week because I was sick, and am likely going to be missing the better part of two days this week because of Kibbles’ visit. I haven’t seen Kibbles in ages (can 5 months be considered ages? Feels like it) so I’m really looking forward to her visit and the likely ensuing abhorrent amount of pool.

What this all means is my schedule looks like this for the upcoming week:

Day What I should do What I will likely do
Saturday Start Chapter 3, do at least 7 pages, watch latest episode of Doctor Who 3 pages, watch latest episode of Doctor Who
Sunday Finish Chapter 3, doing at least 8 pages Another 5 pages
Monday Proof read and edit Chapter 3 Finish Chapter 3
Tuesday Play Mists of Pandaria Play Mists of Pandaria
Wednesday Submit Chapter 3, play Mists of Pandaria Proof read and edit Chapter 3, submit, be too tired to play Mists of Pandaria
Thursday Hangout with Kibbles Hangout with Kibbles
Friday Hangout with Kibbles Hangout with Kibbles
Saturday School work Diddly-shit

Yup I know I lead an exciting life. So how about you my trusted readers, how did your Mists of Pandaria planning pan out? What are you going to be doing this week?

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