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Yesterday on the WoW Gold Blogger Live Hangout Sapu, Lead Developer and Director of TradeSkillMaster, treated the bloggers in the hangout to a sneak peak at a new desktop application in the works for TradeSkillMaster.

[notice]Note: At the request of Sapu the link won’t be released until it’s ready for deployment, right now it’s still a work in progress.[/notice]

First, let’s see what Sapu has to say about it.

In the past, we’ve released a desktop application which will automatically update your AuctionDB using Blizzard’s APIs. This application was widely used and helped countless TSM users avoid ever having to scan the auction house again. Fast forward a year, and we are thrilled to introduce the new TradeSkillMaster desktop application.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


(From the app’s webpage)

  • AuctionDB Updater
    • Never scan the auction house again and keep your AuctionDB data up to date!
    • The application will automatically update your AuctionDB data for up to 5 realms.
    • Takes advantage of Blizzard’s APIs to provide you with the equivalent of doing a full scan in-game every hour of the day.
  • Deal Notifications
    • Get notified when there’s a great deal on the auction house!
    • Similarly to AuctionDB, uses Blizzard’s hourly auction house updates for up to 5 different realms.
    • Automatically extracts your dealfinging lists from TSM_Shopping and allows you to customize which lists to alert you for.
    • Supports free email notifications! If enabled, will automatically send you an email whenever deals are found.
  • WoWuction Updater
    • Similarly to AuctionDB, update your TSM_WoWuction data automatically every hour!
    • WoWuction provides both realm-specific market data as well as region-wide market data. The TSM_WoWuction module allows you to use this data in game.
  • TSM Settings Backup/Restore
    • Automatically backs up your TSM settings!
    • Backup frequency configurable.
    • Old backups can be automatically purged to reduce the amount of disk space used by backups.
    • Settings can be quickly restored from backups from within the application.
  • Report TSM Lua Errors and Bugs
    • Any lua errors or other bugs you encounter with the addon can be easily reported through this interface.
    • You can also track the status of your submitted tickets and provide more information if it’s requested.

With the addition of these features Sapu and his team have brought to the community a level of integration previously unseen for an addon. (Can it really be called just an add-on now? Isn’t it more of a system? A resource? I digress…)

Now, lets take this for a spin shall we?

Testing the New TSM Desktop Application

[notice]Note: I’m not going to be doing a walkthrough, I’m just going to be doing a short review of the software. It’s still a work in process so I’ll do a more comprehensive review, maybe a guide, when it’s officially released.[/notice]

Before you download the app you have to create a profile on the new (soon to be launched by the looks of it) TradeSkillMaster site. It just takes a few clicks and you can use things like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and OpenID to login. You’ll then have to get a key generated for each device you will be running TSM from.

The app will try and find your WoW directory and guess what server you play. It did pretty well when I first launched it, but it guess my faction wrong (it had Horde preset, not Alliance) which isn’t a big deal since I just have to change the one thing in the drop down before I hit Add Realm!

TSM Server Selection

The AuctionDB Updater is intuitive and easy to use. Once you have your five realms picked in the previous screen, you simply need to check which realms you want maintained and the app will update your add-on’s database directly from the Blizzard database. Excellent feature for those who are still having problems with the GetAll feature (a problem on Blizzard’s end), or, well, for anybody really it’s that awesome.

TSM AuctionDB Updater

TradeSkillMaster also now offers email notifications which frankly is amazing, and they’re free! I’m not too sure how this works right now, but it seems to take your shopping lists from the TSM app (I currently don’t have anything listed in there, so I can’t properly test it out) and emails you when it polls the Blizzard database and finds matching deals. Right now you have to have the app running to receive notifications, hopefully in the future there will be something web based.

TSM Deals Notifcations

TSM Deals

The TradeSkillMaster Desktop Application also still supports the TSM_WoWuction module for getting the price data from WoWuction.com for those who prefer this method. Again using this feature is super intuitive and super easy, simply check off the realms you want to sync, pop in your API key from WoWuction, and presto! Data sync.

TSM WoWuction

Next up is the application’s backup and restore features (where have you been all my life?). This will allow you to, automatically if you wish, backup your TSM settings to a directory of your choosing. Best part is it looks like they’re time coded so you can keep multiple backups in the same directory and keep a history if you need. This tab also allows you to restore a previous backup quick and easily. (It’s unclear how this will all work over multiple computers at the moment, I assume they’re independent).

TSM Backup and Restore

Finally the application allows you to submit tickets and view current tickets.

TSM Tickets


By the looks and feel of the application, and indications by Sapu, this app will be ready for public consumption in the near future. Look forward to the release, it will be a game changer.




Personal Message from Sapu, Lead Developer of TradeSkillMaster:



First of all, thank you for using TradeSkillMaster. The addon, website, and now application are only made possible by the dedicated work of a team of volenteers. While we all sincerely enjoy working on these as a hobby, we do have some expenses. It costs money to run this ad-free website which is now hosting the download of the application. We also love to run contests and offer awesome prizes!

So, continue to enjoy TradeSkillMaster, and have fun with this new application. If you feel the application (and/or addon) is useful to you, please donate to support their continued development. All donations are greatly appreciated and will be used to better the services which we provide to the community. No amount is too small. If every user of TradeSkillMaster contributed just $1, the possibilites of what we could offer to the community in terms of features, contests, and utilities would be endless.



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  1. Ryan

    Looks great, I wouldn’t really call it a game changer though as TUJ notifications have been doing the same thing for me for a while now, but the Wowuction updater feature is pretty cool.

    1. Eric Dekker

      Yea well these notifications are free, you don’t have to pay a cent for them

  2. Chris

    I love TUJ for scanning, and the thought of being able to run updates via TSM and get notices will pretty much eliminate TUJ from my tool set. The only thing I can’t determine is if it’s supported on the Mac OS or just Windows. I’ve skipped the existing update client as it’s Windows only… Hoping this version is Mac friendly!

    Looks great!

    1. Eric Dekker

      I really couldn’t say unfortunately, I’m not a Mac person, though I have a feeling it’s Windows only :(

    2. Thomas Jespersen

      According to Sapu at the thread on Stormspire the program is also for Mac.

      Here is the thread:


      1. Eric Dekker

        Oh, excellent

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