New Pets and Mounts Crafted By Professions

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Mists of Pandaria is bringing a slew of changes to professions and the general game, and one of such changes is the addition of several mounts and pets craftable by professions. The following professions get new pets and/or mounts:

  • Engineering
  • Jewelcrafting
  • Inscription

With the new Pet Battle System and account-wide mounts I can see these being big sellers in the expansion. Not only that these pets and mounts help out the three professions that really need some flavour.

Don’t get too excited though, all but one of these require Spirit of Harmony, so unless these rain from the sky in the new expansion you’ll have to wait in line for most of these as I sense most of the Spirits of Harmony will be going to gear in the opening weeks.


Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling

Mechanical Pandaren DragonlingAhh yes where would we be without some Chinese dragon pets in this expansion? This little guy is the latest addition to the Engineering line of pets and will be available to engineers starting at skill 525. To make this pet you’ll need:


Yu’lon Kite & Chi-ji Kite

These two pets are crafted Scribes starting at 605 skill. There are no screenshots available yet of these pets, but it’s safe to assume they’ll be distinctly kite like. To craft one of these you will need:

Given the cheap mat requirements for this pet I see these pets moving quickly but cheaply, especially once the price of inks come down after the initial expansion launch.

Update: A reader has provided a video showing off the two new Inscription pets:

Jade Owl & Sapphire Cub

Sapphire CubYes these are actual pets, not trinkets that are getting added to the Jewelcrafting lineup. These pets become available to Jewelcrafters starting at 600 Jewelcrafting. To craft these pets you will need:

I like how these pets use lesser used gem colours, but the requirement for the Spirits of Harmony is a bit off putting


Not only does Engineering get news mounts added to it’s lineup but Jewelcrafters get their promised mount(s).


There is some speculation that these two mounts may be limited to one for Goblin engineering one for Gnomish but currently that limitation is not in place and engineers can learn and make both of them regardless of specialization.

Geosynchronous World Spinner

87251The Geosynchronous World Spinner looks like the Love Rocket from Love is in the Air so if you’ve missed out in previous years, here’s your consolation prize! Don’t think this will be cheap though, just like the Mechano Hog back in the day this is going to be a very expensive mount. Here’s what crafting this will set you back:

The Orbs of Mystery alone will set you back 20,000 gold each (18,000 with guild perk) so don’t expect these to do too well with your average player.

Depleted-Kyparium Rocket

Depleted-Kyparium RocketThe Depleted-Kyparium Rocket looks like, well, it can’t really be described except to say it looks like authentic Gobling engineering. Interesting side note this mount suggests that Kyparium is radioactive or something. Also suggests that this mount will be slightly radioactive. Yup, good ol’ Goblin engineering right there.

Making this mount requires:

Looking at the ingredient list for this mount this is probably the most dangerous item ever produce, and for a goblin that’s saying a lot.


82453If you’ve been looking for a mount that screams “I have way more gold than I know what to do with” than the new mount(s) added to Jewelcrafting for Mists of Pandaria are the ones for you! Blizzard threw us a curve ball on this one though, as the ultimate mount added, the Jeweled Onyx Panther (pictured right), is made by combine four other Jewelcrafting mounts together:

Making these four mounts will cost you:

Wow that is a lot. The Orbs of Mystery alone will set you back 80,000 gold if you don’t have the guild perk (72,000 gold with the guild perk). The only relief is that not a single Spirit of Harmony is needed to make this mount, though it takes a disgusting amount of other, easier to obtain, materials. Keep in mind though that Living Steel will be Mists of Pandaria’s eqvuivilent to Truegold and Titansteel, so expect prices to be very high for those as well as the Serpent’s Eyes which are the Jewelcrafter only gems for this expansion. Finally you will need 20 of the four gem colours, and while the blue, green, and yellow colours should be pretty cheap you will also need 20 of the red gems, which will be the most sought after gems for a very long time.

You know what the final kicker in this is? To make the Jeweled Onyx Panther you need the actual items, so if you learn one of them you’ll have to make another to get the panther. This also means that to collect them all you will need to double the mats listed above, and that’s a lot of mats. It’s not likely you will see too many panthers around for a long time, or like, ever.

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