New Guides: Creating a Guild & TradeSkillMaster Auctioning Group Override Settings

Over the past two weeks I wrote up two new mini-guides:

So you might be wondering why I wrote a short guide on creating a guild. Good question. Book stuff.

I wrote the TradeSkillMaster Auctioning Group Override Settings guide because apparently there is some confusion with what each setting does, so I dissected each option in the Group Overrides tab.

The reason these guides didn’t show up in the stream/feed/front page is because I published them as pages which are handled slightly differently than regular posts. It’s just some technical difference on WordPress’ end that’s more suitable for guides. I’ll also be working on converting the current posts in the Gold Making and the Economy > Guides category into pages like this. When I’m done with them I’ll make note of it in a post. All these guides will be under the parent page Guides and you can find it along with a list of all current guides in page format in a nifty drop down list on the second bar under the header of the blog (accessible from every page on the blog).

I’ll also be working on more guides like this so let me know what you think of the guides. Unfortunately you will have to make the comments in this post since pages don’t handle comments.

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  1. alcattkle

    nice timing on building a guild guide. Just made one today. I had a problem, the charter would not pop up, had to turn off add-ons (Thanks Faid)

    1. Eric Dekker

      Well I’ve had that one up for 2 weeks now, I just sort of put it up without telling anyone, wanted to wait until I at least had one more before I could justify a post about it lol

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