First Impressions of Mists of Pandaria

Due to the busy week I had I wasn’t able to properly sit down and start playing Mists of Pandaria until Friday evening. I opted to start playing with my Druid, Xsinthis, since I decided I wanted my druid to be my main for a few reasons:

  • It’s my namesake and I’d like to be known as Xsinthis ingame
  • I wanted to level as a DPS first time through, my other two characters are healers only
  • It has Blacksmithing and Engineering on it so it would benefit most from early access to Spirits of Harmony
  • I’m a stag now, stags are cool

Before Friday I had only managed to get off the boat and do a few quests, so I hadn’t even been properly introduced to the Pandaren until Friday night (yea I live an exciting life, WoW on a Friday night, shut up). Since this is a gold blog I’ll start by recapping my thoughts on the economic side of things, and then transition to more general impressions.

Gold Making in Mists of Pandaria

First off, as of Saturday afternoon the auction house is as slow as maple syrup on a winter’s day (yea I’m Canadian and going with stereotypical Canadian metaphors, so sue me), it’s taking forever to get anything done on the auction house. I guess I can’t expect anything else on the first weekend of an expansion on a high population server.

I’ve been diligently posting my glyphs ever since Patch 5.0.4. rolled out, but frankly the glyph market is in the toilet. I was hoping when the new class and race came out there would be a huge influx of players, but I guess that got cancelled out by the fact that Blackfallow Ink can still be traded at the ink traders “for a few weeks” so there goes that plan. I’m still making glyphs and selling them, I’ve nearly singled handedly earned the glyph achievement for the new guild I’m in, but I am really disappointed with the prices.

Pretty much right now gold making is at a stand still for me, I’m going to wait until next week when I’m better adjusted to Mists of Pandaria to even try and make proper gold. With the huge boom of players power leveling their professions the markets are terrible right now, so if you’re like me and just enjoying the expansion you’re not missing out on much, you’ll have plenty of time to make gold the rest of the expansion.

Updating Prospecting and Milling Yields for Mists of Pandaria

I’ve been working on getting good data on the prospecting and milling results for the Mists of Pandaria. So far I’ve completed:

I’ll update the Prospecting Rates and Milling Results pages when I’ve collected data for all of them (don’t worry, I’ll make a post too to announce it).

So far it looks like the data I collected is holding, so for now the beta information should do anyone who needs it just fine.

World of Warcraft Wealth Survey

November of last year I published a report on the average player wealth and various other statistics (Report: World of Warcraft Wealth Survey). I’ve decided to run another one this year, a year after the first one. The current plan is to run it for 2 weeks from October 28th through November 10th, so look for a post near that time announcing the start of the next survey. For more information you can read the page I setup about the World of Warcraft Wealth Survey.

First Days of Playing in Mists of Pandaria

I took The Godmother’s advice and skipped ahead to the Tiller’s farm Saturday afternoon to get my farm rolling. I didn’t realize that each plant would yield a minimum of 5 crops, so I filled all four plots with the same plant for the quest I was given. Oh well, lesson learned, at least I’ll get a bumper crop tomorrow.

Feral Druid at Tiller's Farm

Currently my druid is still only at level 86, but considering no one else in the guild has gotten farther than that yet I don’t feel too bad, I guess we’re all busy people. I woke up launch day early (well, early for me) to try and get some questing done to wet my appetite. And then i ran into this:


I ended up giving up after 20 minutes because I couldn’t even see where I was shooting most of the time. Not fun. When I got back to it a few days later I got it all figured out (I ended up having to turn my graphics to low for some reason) and off I went into the brave new world.

I most commend Blizzard because this launch experience was much more enjoyable than the Cataclysm one with no quests that held me up for an unreasonable amount of time (anyone remember the quest in Vash’jir where you had to collect those armour pieces? No? Lucky you).

My first run through a 5-man went okay, though I’m surprised the queue took so long, I thought with such high activity right now the queues would be shorter. Once I did get in we rolled through the instance, luckily the others knew what they were doing, cause I surely didn’t. I ended up getting caught up in the thrill of killing things and following a bunch of…things…. down a hallway where they promptly disappeared. I turned around and headed back having found my group gone, to run into this:


Oops. Besides that however it all turned out well, I even got my first blue piece since launch day.

So how about you my faithful readers, how has your launch week been so far?

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  1. Shaft

    Well I won’t be getting MOP until the end of the week but I have been trying hard to wheel and deal anyway. I had a lot of netherweave, obsidium ore and saronite ore. Anyway luckily this weekend for some embersilk fell through the floor I mean like from usual price of 3g 50 down to 1g 20 and in decent numbers, I must have cranked through 30 stacks and started making Embersilk Bag and the dreamcloth bag they sold well the bags going for 330g each and in all I cleared about 7k gold this weekend.

    Then this afternoon suddenly all the netherweave cloth disappeared and the price of the bags went from 16g to 95g and I managed to jump in and made some more gold that way. The price has now stabilised at 56g.

    1. Eric Dekker

      Damn I knew I forgot something, I’ve been completely neglecting bags >.>

  2. SirFWALGMan

    I totally agree but things are starting to click for me now.

    Some good options I think are Living Steel. I have 3 alchemists. :). One for each xmute type. That is a nice 3-6k a day depending on the market fluctuations.

    Enchanting scrolls have been MASSIVE profitable for me lately. I think the best ones so far for me have been Off-hand Intellect, and Gloves – Mastery. Need to find some other good low level ones.

    Gems and Glyphs have sucked. I did make like 50k during 5.0.4 which was nice.. but nothing good since. I do have some ideas I read about today though which I am going to try out.

    Pets have been surprisingly bad too. I thought like quest pets or rare ones I had duplicates of would sell fast but nothing good yet.

    I figure I need to adjust and find the new niche’s and also get some level 90’s.. but I am enjoying the game right now and not in any hurry to level up.

    1. Eric Dekker

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s seeing terrible prices for pets.

      Luckily gems picked up drastically Tuesday with the release of the new raids, will probably spike again next Tuesday when LFR is released, fingers crossed.

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