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So it’s been a a bit since I first mentioned the book I have in the works so I thought I’d give an update as well as discuss a few more things.

I’m currently on Chapter 2 of the planned 8 chapters for the book and writing has been, well, slow. As of this writing I’m on page 3, of the planned 20. Yikes. Best part? It’s due Friday and the semester starts on Wednesday. Think I worked on it at all in the last week when I still had off? Nope. I really need to get better at time management or else this semester is going to chew me up and spit me out.

For those who don’t know I’ll be starting my third and final year in my Civil Engineering Technology program, and I hope to bring my grades up enough this year to bridge into either Lakehead or Queens for a Civil Engineering degree (I’d have to do another 2 years at Lakehead for it, 3 years at Queens).

I spent most of the summer doing dick all pretty much, I never got a proper job (I didn’t exactly look too hard) so I spent most of the time at home punctuated by a few trips to the Toronto area, a trip to the cottage for two weeks, a few odd jobs, and the start of the book writing. I’ll be frank, if those odd jobs and the book deal weren’t practically dropped in my lap I’d be in deep shit right now. I like to tell myself that if the book thing hadn’t happened I’d have a job by now, but somehow I doubt it. So yea, not too proud of myself this summer.

I haven’t told a whole lot of people in my personal life about my book writing yet, partly because I don’t like flaunting how much of a nerd I am, but also because the reactions so far have been, shall we say, off-putting. When I tell someone I usually have to start the sentence with “I’m writing a book…” to which they get really interested, excited, enthusiastic what have you, but then I have to finish the sentence with “…about making gold in World of Warcraft” to which 9/10 times the interest levels drop down to the bare minimum to be polite when they realize it’s about a video game.

So right now it’s a toss up if I tell my college friends about my book writing when they ask the summer; it’s either that or tell them I did dick all this summer. Neither option is great.

Anyways! On to something a bit more useful!

When I started this blog back in October (holy crap I’ve nearly been blogging for a year, my first published post on here dates October 25th, 2011) I decided to get a notebook and use it for my blog writing. Basically whenever something tickled my fancy as a potential blog topic I’d jot it down; I always kept my notebook next to me at my desk. It worked really well, I had never before appreciated the effectiveness of keeping a notebook.

Blog Notebook

This has served me incredibly well in the near year, using this for everything from potential blog topics to keeping minutes (poorly) on the Live WoW Gold Blogger Google+ Hangouts, though I wish I had splurged for a bit better quality one since it’s kind of rag-tagged right now. Something I have to work on though is writing down what I mean more clearly as I look back on them and have no idea what I was thinking. I’m not joking when I say how bad some of them were, I mean how am I supposed to make a gold topic related to “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” hmmm? I’ve also found that printing out reference material is incredibly handy. My publishing company sent me several guidelines and how-tos and such, and it’s been so much easier to have a paper copy in hand while trying to figure something else; I’ve also taken to printing out drafts of my chapters and I’ve got printed copies of my outlines as well, again for ease of access. The side effect? My office looks like a bombshell now.

Pile of papers on my floor

I’m afraid to show you a proper of my office right now. I mean it’s clean, you won’t find anything growing in here, but there’s just piles of papers and boxes and books and bags and, well, you get the idea. I don’t know how it got so messy, I should probably clean it up tomorrow before classes start (Ha! Ya right) but I honestly don’t know how it got so messy in the first place. I mean it was tidy when the summer started.

Another problem has cropped up because of this whole paper thing, I’ve re-realized that my handwriting is atrocious. I mean absolutely horrendous, I can barely read it. I suppose in the long run writing things down more will improve it naturally (or so I hope) but I’m going to be looking into ways to improve my penmanship.

With the new season of Doctor Who starting up again I’ve started obsessing about it again and I’ve had my eye on a TARDIS notebook like the one River Song carries (also, a beach towel of the TARDIS as well, I mean you got to have a beach towel right?). Unfortunately they aren’t in stock right now or else I’d  have ordered one (or several) already, but once they are back in stock I’ll probably place an order. I did order The Oatmeal Grammar Pack of posters from The Oatmeal though, hopefully that’ll arrive sometime this week.

One last thing while we’re on the topic of notebooks, I discovered the other week a very cool application called Evernote. Basically it’s a digital notebook software, but that description really doesn’t do it justice. It allows you to not only create your own notes and share them to the cloud (and sync them with your other device) but you can install other apps like clippers that work with your web browser so you can save articles right from the web to a notebook for reference later. It’s an amazing system I suggest you check it out.

Mine is kind of sparse right now, just some interesting articles I’ve read in the past week and some notes and screens from Doctor Who (alright they’re screens of Karen Gilan – I have a thing for redheads, so sue me). I intend though to expand upon this however and come up with a system that’ll help the average gold maker (I say that relatively, I think you’re all awesome) in their pursuit of riches. Hopefully after I’m done Chapter 2 I’ll work on a post about this in more depth.

I’ll probably provide another book update this winter after I’m done all the first drafts, there likely won’t be anything interesting to say about it till then other then “yup, still writing, and writing, and writing!” I do however have one or two gold topics I hope to cover in the next few days, though I should really leave them till I’m done the chapter. Look forward to them!

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