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First Impressions of Mists of Pandaria


Due to the busy week I had I wasn’t able to properly sit down and start playing Mists of Pandaria until Friday evening. I opted to start playing with my Druid, Xsinthis, since I decided I wanted my druid to be my main for a few reasons: It’s my namesake and I’d like to be …

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Taking Stock As We Enter Mists of Pandaria

Back towards the beginning of August (holy crap that seems such a long time ago already) I made a to-do list for Mists of Pandaria. Since then I made several other posts about my preparation for Mists of Pandaria. Here are some of the more pertinent ones for your viewing pleasure incase you missed them …

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Did HonorBuddy’s Offline Time Affect Prices?


Before the patch hit I reported shortly after Patch 5.0.4. hit HonorBuddy went down for a week after the patch. Anecdotally I noticed a huge spike in prices and drop in availability immediately after the patch and in the days following. The question is, was it just me or was there really a noticeable affect …

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Is World of Warcraft Worth It?

I’ve decided Sundays are the perfect time for these “off-topic” posts. Why? Well apparently some people have better things to do than sit on a weekend reading about World of Warcraft so many weekend articles go to waste so to speak. I know, shocking right? Who doesn’t spend every waking hour drenched in World of …

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New Pets and Mounts Crafted By Professions


Note: All images used in this post courtesy of Mists of Pandaria is bringing a slew of changes to professions and the general game, and one of such changes is the addition of several mounts and pets craftable by professions. The following professions get new pets and/or mounts: Engineering Jewelcrafting Inscription With the new …

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Why I’m Not Using the Remote Auction House

This post is a submission for Cold’s Gold Blogging Carnival for the month of September (2012). The topic of this months carnival is “The Remote Auction House – Tips, Tricks, Strategies, Love or Hate It?” Just a short post this morning as I realized that I hadn’t made a submission yet for Cold’s Carnival (Have …

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New Guides: Creating a Guild & TradeSkillMaster Auctioning Group Override Settings

Over the past two weeks I wrote up two new mini-guides: Creating a Guild in World of Warcraft TradeSkillMaster Auctioning Group Override Settings So you might be wondering why I wrote a short guide on creating a guild. Good question. Book stuff. I wrote the TradeSkillMaster Auctioning Group Override Settings guide because apparently there is …

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Books, Notes, and Writing


So it’s been a a bit since I first mentioned the book I have in the works so I thought I’d give an update as well as discuss a few more things. I’m currently on Chapter 2 of the planned 8 chapters for the book and writing has been, well, slow. As of this writing …

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Preview: TradeSkillMaster Desktop Application


Yesterday on the WoW Gold Blogger Live Hangout Sapu, Lead Developer and Director of TradeSkillMaster, treated the bloggers in the hangout to a sneak peak at a new desktop application in the works for TradeSkillMaster. [notice]Note: At the request of Sapu the link won’t be released until it’s ready for deployment, right now it’s still a …

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WoW Gold Blogger Live Hangout: September 2, 2012

Had a great time (as usual) today on the hangout. Today’s hangout, host per usual by Gold Shields, featured: @SexyJedi of Gold Shields (obviously) @Sapu94 creator of TradeSkillMaster @MarcusTy of Gold Blog of Marcus Ty @NevAHAddict of Auction House Addict @ssmith091 a.k.a. Cold of Cold’s Gold Factory (albeit briefly Gimp of Gimp’s Gold Wes of …

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