What Do You Mean I Have Too Much Ink? (Also: More MoP Preperation)

One of the few things I’ve been doing in preparation for Mists of Pandaria is building up a reserve of ink so I can continue to exploit today’s cheap herb prices well into the expansion, or so I hope at least. Currently I have 8633 Blackfallow Ink and 452 Ink of the Sea, and while this may seem like an abhorrent amount of ink, I’m not sure if it’s enough. With current ink reserves I can make 3038 glyphs which again seems like a lot but I still can’t say if it’s enough.

Lets say I don’t buy another stack of herbs after this until the new herbs come down in Mists of Pandaria. Assuming the herbs become viable 1 month after release (which really depends on your definition of viable) and assuming approximately 4 weeks of 5.0.x before the actual launch date, that means that ink supply would have to last 8 weeks which gives me a figure of 379 glyphs per week or 54 per day which is a fair amount. But again, will this be enough if we end up with Glyphmas 2.0?

Unfortunately I wasn’t around for the original Glyphmas so I don’t have any personal experience to work on here, I’m basically flying blind compared to some of the others in the industry so to speak. Comparing my stockpile so far to others I seem to be in the middle somewhere, others have more stockpiled, others have less, so that doesn’t do me a whole lot of good.

Another point to consider: These inks are still incredibly cheap, I’m buying herbs to make ink at up to 7g each, or 21g per glyph. I really doubt that Mists of Pandaria herbs will ever hit a point that can match that, so even if it does take months for my supply to be used up, I’m still in the green assuming herb prices don’t drop back down to these levels. Conclusion? More ink.

Ravanys over at The Consortium made an excellent easy to use Ink Calculator for Mists of Pandaria preparation so every Monday from now until patch 5.0.4 hits I’ll be plugging my ink supplies into this nifty app incase the patch hits and the ink traders get updated for the new ink. What’s cool about this calculator is that it takes into effect the new spread of glyphs that is going to be available in Mists of Pandaria instead of relying on the current spread and lets you factor in reserves of ink you have already converted (I’ve also been buying WotLK herbs and processing them directly for Ink of the Sea).

The only other problem I’m having is what to do with all the Inferno Ink created as a by-product. I mean seriously, this stuff is coming out of place rare ink should not be coming out of. The Darkmoon Card market has long since dried up  so no point wasting gold on the volatile life to make those, but others have suggested making relics out of them and then disenchanting them or something, which seems like an interesting idea, I’ll have to check that out. (Why didn’t I do that before the post you ask? Good question, I’m lazy.)

Other Mists of Pandaria Preparations

pets stockpile

That ladies and gentlemen is my measly little stockpile of rare pets, most of which has been carried over from earlier in the expansion and even as far as the previous expansion. Back in Wrath of the Lich King I was buying up ToC pets for 4000g and under, and unfortunately they’ve about half that on this server now (in my defense, I’ve moved servers since Wrath, so they might be worth more on my old server). The Elementium Geode has gone down in price too, so while I was snatching them for up to 500g earlier in the expansion, I can now snatch them for around 150-200g, not too shabby. Finally I saw 2 Hyacinth Macaws for just under 10k each so I figured I’d snatch them up as well, worst case scenario I’ll use them myself.

I’ve spent most of the day cutting massive amounts of over flow gems (over 1100 Dream Emeralds alone) to squeeze every last copper out of them before I vendor them; No body wanted them during the expansion, no one is going to want them after it I figure.

I am keeping a whole bunch of pre-cata mats old mats stockpilebecause, well because I can. I figure if I don’t use them to rearrange my professions I can just sell them off, better safe than sorry right? Well that’s my theory at least. I’m not quite at my storage limit yet and all these mats were collected myself from leveling various professions so I figure I’m pretty safe keeping them around for the time being. If I continue building up inks though I’m going to have to requisition more tabs for my personal use in that guild I bought a little while ago. (As a side note I’m kind of having buyers remorse on that purchase, I might just sell it off if I can get my 250k back, anyone want a level 25 guild on US-Stormrage (A)?). Another shot of my blacksmithing supplies:

blacksmithing supplies

Other than that I’ve just been dumping my inventory, still got a few gems and enchants kicking around with some spare Darkmoon Cards (the individuals, not the decks or trinkets). Selling those have been slow been I’m confident most of my stock will be gone by the time the pandas are released into the world.

I’m interested in hearing what everyone else is doing for Mists of Pandaria, don’t be afraid to leave a comment, I don’t bite.

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  1. Shaft

    So this is what I have been getting up to http://shaftsword.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/world-of-warcraft-more-money-mischief.html
    To summarise I have been stockpiling herbs, saronite ore, obsidium ore and elementals in a bid to make bigger bags and corner the market on infinite dust. Oh and like everyone else I am gathering netherweave cloth hopefully I can find some cheap netherweb silk and make imbued netherweave bags too.

    1. Eric Dekker

      I’ve never had much luck with bags, hell I don’t think my tailor is even into Cata content.

  2. SirFWALGMan

    I have such a hard issue thinking big.. I do have 1 tab full of inks (not sure exactly how many that is).. but I have a hard time being the “big picture” type thinker.. sure I have made my million in WoW but I bet I could do so much more..

    I feel that way in my personal business life.. I do really well but I think I miss out on the big picture sometimes.

    1. Eric Dekker

      I gbank tab has 98 slots, so filling that to the brim with stacks of 20 ink means you have 1960 ink. Altoholic is also great for keeping track of stock levels, especially across multiple characters.

      I don’t think there is much of a big picture here, you just got to tackle a few small picture type scenarios to profit big in the expansion transition. If you mean long term I agree, I’m usually terrible at preparing for these things, I’m hoping Mists of Pandaria goes much better.

  3. omgakitty

    Hey Im on stormrage – u should give me some cash ;) Also – whats your opinion on making money with epic gems for the last 4ish weeks? Worth it or will the market die very soon?

    1. Eric Dekker

      Haha, I have a guild for sale if you’re interested :P

      Honestly I haven’t touched gems in months, or really any crafts at all for that matter. Right now I’m just selling off as much stock as possible while I still can. It’s possible it is still profitable, but I just don’t want to risk being saddled with a whole bunch of gems when MoP launches

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