To-do List for Mists of Pandaria

I must admit I’ve been slacking quite a bit, taking a fair amount of time off in the pre expansion slump but I’m slowly making my way back, and I’ve realized I have a whole lot of stuff to do before Mists of Pandaria lands this September. While new expansions are always exciting I’ve never really experience much of a windfall while preparing for them in the past, so I’m taking an easier more relaxed route this time around.

Sell Everything

I’ve pretty much stopped production of everything except glyphs, leaving my bank alt to sell off as much inventory as possible before it becomes obsolete. I realize I could probably milk a few more thousand gold between now and MoP, but I’d rather not take the risk or go through the hassle. I’m going to try and get the best bang for my buck out of my current stock, and then start Mists of Pandaria with a relatively clean slate.


One of the few things I will be stockpiling and preparing for Mists of Pandaria are Inks; I’m building a huge stockpile of cheap Blackfallow Ink while it’s available and convert it into other inks before Mists of Pandaria. Why am I doing this? Because last time an expansion rolled not only did herb prices shoot through the roof, but for a couple of weeks before the expansion we couldn’t trade inks at all. By creating a reserve of ink I can continue my glyph making through the first weeks of Mists of Pandaria while taking advantage of today’s low herb prices.

Levelling Characters

With the new tier of professions coming along the new level requirement will be 80 for max profession skill, and sadly my two Death Knights are still sitting at lvl 75 so I’ll have to do some levelling to bring them up to par for the new expansion (that’s going to be annoying, bringing two pretty much identical characters through identical content back to back). I’m also going to be filling my new Priest’s profession slots with Mining and Herbalism to make use of the insane prices at the beginning of an expansion. I figured I might as well since I’ve been favouring my Priest lately and she had two empty slots anyways.


As we get closer to the expansion I’m sure to remember something else I forgot to do and then curse myself out for not doing it earlier when I didn’t have to worry about school, but obviously I can’t plan for that so I’m just going to have to roll with whatever comes my way. I’m probably just going to spend some time building up my guild and get us ready for Mists of Pandaria.

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  1. anonymous

    is the new level requirement 80 for both gathering and crafted professions?

    1. Eric Dekker

      Good question. Honestly I haven’t actually checked, but given that’s how it worked for Cataclysm I’m assuming it will hold true for Mists of Pandaria as well

      1. anonymous

        Thank-you. I asked because I did not log onto Beta, and the WoWpedia/WoWwiki sites had conflicting info.

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