To Craft Or Not To Craft Glyphs Ahead of Patch 5.0.4.

On my last post, Mists of Pandaria Stockpile, two readers (farli and Dan) enquired about whether or not I was pre crafting glyphs. I responded quickly but I figured I’d expand on it because not only is the commenting system terrible for longer thoughts, but I figured I might as well make a post out of it!

First I’d like to address a concern some people have (apparently): If Blizzard is going to ninja change the ink trader to accept Blackfallow Inks until Mists of Pandaria. My thought? Unlikely. A change like that would require at least a server restart if not a patch, and Blizzard doesn’t want to have to do that when Mists of Pandaria goes live on September 25th (for players on American realms). To let us continue trading Blackfallow Inks past 5.0.4. would require the trade to keep accepting them past the Mists of Pandaria launch which is something I doubt Blizzard will want to do.

Of course Blizzard could throw us a curve ball of some sort, not like they’ve ever done that before eh? But worse case scenario the inks you make now will still be cheaper than what’s available when Mists of Pandaria launches, so it’s a pretty safe bet all around.

But I digress, back to the subject of crafting shall we?

A lot of players are pre crafting large quantities of glyphs before the patch lands. Why would they do this you might ask? Time. They want to have a supply of glyphs ready before hand so they either have to spend less time crafting and more time enjoying the game or to give them a head start on a major glyph rush once the patch and/or Mists of Pandaria hits. It’s not a bad idea and I can see why some players are doing it, it certainly has it’s advantages.

Why haven’t I suggested it before or started doing it? A few reasons actually. First off is that just having an ink supply is a lot more flexible, you can respond better to demand spikes and you don’t have the inks tied up in glyphs that sit on the shelves.

Another issue? Space. To get better storage efficiency you need to craft 7-20 of each glyph since each glyph takes up three inks. Anything less than 7 means you’re using up more space as glyphs than you would as ink, and during stockpiling the gold per slot is the most important factor.

What about a middle ground? What I might end up doing is crafting some glyphs a head of time but still maintain a healthy supply of raw ink so I get the best of both worlds, I have some stock ready to go and I have versatility in production. Gold Shield did an excellent post on his top glyph picks for patch 5.0.4. so I’m thinking of making 10-20 of each of those glyphs and then leaving the rest as ink.

If anyone has input on what glyphs you think will do well or will flop for your favourite class(es) give a shout out, would be glad to hear everyone’s opinions on the matter (I’ve been out of raiding for so long I’ve kind of lost touch with these sort of things).

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  1. Twitchie (@twitchietgw)

    The easy solution is do both.

    Have a metric ton of ink? Check.
    Does the ratio of traded ink matter? Go to the dictionary and look up what ton means. The more ink you have, the less thinking you have to do.
    Have full 20 stack of each glyph crafted? Check.


    Time is money, friend… the more you do now as the expansion winds down, the less you have to do after. That means more time leveling a monk, and exploring the new zones.

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