Preliminary Prospecting Results From Mists of Pandaria Beta

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So today before the Beta server shut down I started buying some ore and prospecting to double check the prospecting rate incase they changed significantly from the Cataclysm example. I only got through 31 stacks of Ghost Iron Ore but figured I’d post my preliminary results anyways. Anyone who’d like to help submit further results feel free to comment, tweet, or email me.

The Ghost Iron Ore average 6.12 uncommon gems per stack, or 1.53 per prospect. Rare gems were prospected at a rate averaging 1.03 rare gems per stack, and 0.257 per prospect. So far these numbers are comparable to Obsidium Ore. I’ll post more results once the Beta servers are back up and I’ve had a chance to do more prospecting.

Preliminary Ghost Iron Prospecting

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