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So finally got around to actually doing some beta testing (shocking right?) and thought I’d share my thoughts and observations so far. First, as of this latest patch at least, it’s possible to get to max Jewelcrafting the first day so long as you have enough uncommon gems (those alone will take you to 585) and rare gems. Will this won’t be a problem for those with miners it’s going to cause a hefty dent in the pockets of those without. You also don’t have to travel to Pandaria to level your Jewelcrafting so your JCs are safe as alts for now.

I’ve done more prospecting and while my sample of Kyparite is lower than I would like, I feel safe to say the results are reliable enough:

Updated GIO and KO prospecting results

As you can see ore in Mists of Pandaria seem to be following the Wrath of the Lich King route with the second tier ore yielding the same amount of uncommons but double the amount of rare gems, so likely players will be forgoing Ghost Iron Ore in favour of Kyparite’s higher rare rate. As a side note currently in the beta Kyparite stacks up to 200 and apparently isn’t used for anything except prospecting (edit: and engineering mounts – thanks Mithrildar). I wouldn’t be surprised if that was a typo in the code and it’s supposed to actually stack to 20 like every other ore. Until then I’m keeping yields and calculations in per prospect just to compare them properly.

One last thing to note is that it seems that rare gem cuts will be discovered by colour based research, though all six researches share a cooldown that resets at midnight. This means that you can only get one random cut per day, but you get to choose what colour it’ll be. Interesting change to previous gem mechanics, I’m anxious to see how it works out.

I haven’t gotten a chance to test out the trillium ore prospecting rate yet (Side Note: who names an ore after a flower?) though once more of the ore becomes available on the server I’ll be sure to test it out, along with disenchanting rates of the new Jewelcrafting jewellery. After I’m done testing Jewellcrafting I’ll likely move on to milling and inscription if someone doesn’t beat me too it (for that matter I actually haven’t checked if anyone’s done prospecting results besides a casual “Has anyone done prospecting results yet for the Beta?”).

To-do List:

  • Trillium Ore (Black and White)
  • Disenchanting
  • Milling results
  • Test perfect rates for uncommon gems

Stay tuned!


P.S. If anyone would like to help out, send ore or herbs to Vqsharix on Beta realm Lost Isles, or send me your results in a format similar to what I have posted here, thanks!

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  1. Phat Lewts (@PhatLewtsGold)

    Your research looks really promising. I like this model of ore prospecting and I also think all ore will most likely be stacking at 20, but fingers crossed!

    I have 2 jewelcrafters right now because I was expecting token based cuts, but even with “research” I get 2 chances to learn a cut I want (red) for the first few days and beyond, but it’s a more hectic model I don’t want to have to rely on but will if that’s the case!

    1. Eric Dekker

      There’s also something called Secrets of the Stone that resets the cooldown but takes 3 Spirit of Harmony, a rare item that drops in Panda land and is currently BoP, so you can do more than one research per day depending on drop rates.

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