More Yield Results: Milling, Disenchanting, Perfect Cuts

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I used up the last of my resources on the Beta to do some basic testing for Milling, Disenchanting, and Perfect Cuts. I only tested the jewellery from Jewelcrafting in my disenchanting table as I figured I’d focus on testing what we currently consider the shuffle. Results as follows:

Milling Results

Disenchanting Results

Perfect Cuts Results

Unfortunately I didn’t get my hands on any Fool’s Cap and didn’t have any blue or green gems to test the cuts out, but I think the results are clear enough. It seems that all the herbs will be sharing an uncommon pigment yield of approximately 2.5 pigments per mill, or 5 inks per stack. Rare inks are a different matter though, my results generated a fair spread, and I’m unsure if it was my sample size or something on Blizzard’s end that generated such odd results. I hope if I can get my hands on some more herbs I can puzzle it out.

What little disenchanting I did yielded consistent results, 2.2 dust per disenchant and an average of 1 essence per 3 disenchants. Something to note here though: these items don’t proc blue version like the Cataclysm equivalents did, though to be fair these ones generate full essences. One last note is that these use up more gems than their Cataclysm counterparts as well.

I was also rather concerned about how wildly the perfect cut procs varied across the colours, I was hoping that each colour would be roughly the same, but no such luck. Again I’ll try to gather a larger sample to hopefully iron out some kinks, but with such a wide variation it doesn’t seem likely.

Still shouting out to anyone who’d like to help, either donate resources to me on Beta server Lost Isles character Vqsharix (especially the two trillium ores and Fool’s Cap) or send me compatible data.

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