Mists of Pandaria Stockpile

Just thought I’d fire off a quick post to talk about my stockpiling efforts. I’ve decided to use the nifty tool http://goblinventory.com to display my current inventory. I say stockpile but there’s some just plain inventory in there that I haven’t gotten rid of yet, but the obvious stuff is stockpile.

See my current stockpile here.

This Sunday, on the Live WoW Blogger Google+ Hangout as we were discussing mounts (and pets I believe) I decided to nab a Spectral Tiger for 245k I believe it was (somewhere around there, I can’t remember exactly so I’d have to check my records, something I’m too lazy to do right now). Even in today market this was a steal, and I suspect it will only get better once Mists of Pandaria is around for a while though. Here’s my current pet and mount stockpile.

pet and mount stockpile

Yes those are Crimson Deathchargers, I figured they’d go up too after the duping ends and Mists of Pandaria launches.

Here’s a problem I’ve run into: The Spectral Tiger is one sexy mount. Also expensive, though I can’t sell it in this form so I guess that really isn’t relevant. Come 5.0.4. it will be account wide so it will easier to justify, but that just means it will go up in price as well. Decisions decisions.

I’m still stocking inks, here’s my current stock of ink:

  • 1249 Blackfallow Ink
  • 6270 Ink of the Sea
  • 3637 Ethereal Ink
  • 1897 Lion’s Ink
  • 1770 Midnight Ink
  • 1627 Jadefire Ink
  • 814 Celestial Ink
  • 651 Shimmering Ink

For those who are curious I’m using this to calculate my ink ratios: http://www.inscriptionist.arctic-eagle.com/inkCalc.html


I’m still not satisfied with my ink stock, I’m going to keep milling and inking until the patch hits cause right  now I only have 17,915 ink which is only good for 5,971 glyphs. That might sound like a lot but considering there’s 28 days between patch 5.0.4. and the Mists of Pandaria launch that means even if I could start making glyphs for acceptable prices with the new herbs the first day I only have enough glyphs for 213 glyphs per day. Again sounds like a lot but the supply will be low as hopefully competitors are caught unaware and that I might have to go longer than those 28 days.

Anyways sorry for the short post but been busy today and leaving town again for a few days.

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  1. farli

    Nice Stockpile!

    Have you not been tempted to pre-craft glyphs?

    Ethereal ink is the hardest to farm in any great quanity so i’ve been leaning towards that a bit more in my ink mix.

    1. Eric Dekker

      I have been tempted but it would take up a lot of time and space, and I don’t want to get burned so to speak. I might make like 5 of each at most before patch.

      I’m just following the ink calculator,though yes I agree ethereal are harder to acquire than others

      1. Dan

        I agree with this. Having inks converted and stockpiled should be good enough. Then after the patch you just craft whatever glyphs you want, whenever.

        1. Eric Dekker

          Well the advantage of pre crafting is you have stock ready to go and don’t have to spend as much time crafting after the patch hits

          1. Dan

            True, but I bet it’d be an organizational nightmare, lol. Plus, you run the risk of a lot of those glyphs being unwanted or next to worthless. At least with the inks, you’ll always need them eventually no matter how the market goes.

            I agree with the advantages of pre-crafting; I just prefer the lower risk approach.

  2. Dan

    Nice tip on the ink calculator, I’m going to try that.

  3. Lesmon

    I have a question about the ink calculator, if I put in how many blackfallow inks I have, is the ratio showing how many of the other inks I should get, or what I should convert my inks into? I’m a starter inscriptionist, and and am looking to get the best stockpile possible for the patch next week, so I am a little lost as to what I should be accumulating. Thanks!

    1. Eric Dekker

      Once you’ve put your current ink stock in up top (blackfallow or otherwise) the bottom set shows how much of each ink you need to buy

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