Into the Mists

Well today is the day folks, Patch 5.0.4. is going live today on US realms. Here are some final notes about what’s going to be changed and what’s happening when the realms go live today with the new patch:

  • The new pet, mount, and achievement system is rolling out, but pet battles won’t be available until Mists of Pandaria launches on September 25th, and then only to those with the expansion
  • Everyone will be able to play any class or race regardless of what expansion they have. Monks and Pandaran still won’t be available until Mists of Pandaria
  • The talent and glyph revamp is going live
  • The ink traders will now take Ink of Dreams, the new uncommon ink in Mists of Pandaria
  • Battle Tags will be available to World of Warcraft players
  • Cooking currency have all been combined into one currency: Epicureans Awards
  • AoE looting will now be available
  • The daily quest limit is being removed
  • Cross-realm zones
  • Currency conversion
  • Head enchants and the range/thrown/relic slot and all items place in them are being removed

There’s some things I skipped over mostly because it isn’t really important to gold making.

Everything in the above list, except battle tags, is going to have some effect on the economy, though if it was exploitable we would have discussed it already and prepared for it.

This patch marks the final stretch to Mists of Pandaria, so I suggest you go out and just enjoy it (oh, and make use of those giant ink stockpiles I’m sure everyone has).

Have fun!

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