Google+ Hangout: Recap, Corrections, and Further Speculation

Yesterday (August 19, 2012) I got together with a bunch of fellow bloggers for the third WoW Gold Blogger On Air Hangout. This week besides myself we had:

Today’s post will be talking about some things that was brought up during the Hangout, so for those who are interested I’ve embedded the recording below. It’s not very organized and we go off topic quite a bit but we always have fun, hopefully you will too watching it!

Selling Or Using Mats?

This was something I honestly hadn’t considered before properly, and when the others brought up that it might be more beneficial to actually use the mats I gather instead of selling them raw. When I was thinking about only selling them raw I was just weighing the sky high launch prices versus my need to have professions the first day. What I hadn’t considered is that the prices for things like gems and enchants might be even higher.

Why hadn’t I thought of this?

I assumed most players wouldn’t be idiots and wait until the prices came down since raiding was delayed a week anyways. I know, stupid of me to rely on the intelligence of the average player.

So I’m going to mull this over for a bit, but what is likely to happen is that I’ll be re-evaluating it on a hour to hour basis once the expansion goes live.

New Race and Class

I mentioned in the Hangout that I think this expansion we’ll see an unprecedented boom of character creation. I think there will be three contributing factors to this:

  1. You will no longer need expansions to play certain races or classes
  2. We’re getting a new class
  3. We’re getting a new race

While the first point is fairly minor and is actually happening in patch 5.0.4. I still think the fact that we’re getting both a new race and a new class, something never before seen in an expansion. My fellow bloggers did point out some similarities though to previous expansions:

  • In the Burning Crusade along with the addition of Draenei and Blood Elves as new races, the faction requirements for Paladins and Shaman were removed
  • With Cataclysm, specifically the 4.0.x patch before the actual expansion release, a whole bunch of new character/race combinations were made available

While I will admit these are pretty close comparisons I still don’t think they’ll compare to the influx of characters we’ll see in the coming weeks. I these examples we got a shiny new toy (new races) and they polished up an older toy we had (race/class combos). In Mists of Pandaria we’re getting two completely new shiny toys (race and class) which I think will be a huge difference.

What does this mean? Not a whole lot actually, either way you can expect the usual when we experience new character booms, but I’m just saying this particular one should be larger than previous ones, so plan accordingly.

Duping Fixed

Just wanted to touch on this again since I don’t think I was very clear. The current method of duping (involving quest items or opening bags) is being fixed so it will no longer be usable. This means as of patch 5.0.4. the duping problem will come to an end, well at least once the current stock of duped items runs out.

Of course it’s always possible that a new method will be discovered and then all bets are off and we’re right back to where we are now. Lets just hope that doesn’t happen too soon.

Spirit of Harmony

Another point mentioned in the Hangout was Spirit of Harmony. I want to clarify something here that was said erroneously during the Hangout by one of my fellow bloggers: Spirit of Harmony is not needed for any profession. Spirits of Harmony, as explain in this blue post, will be used as an ingredient in crafted items similarly to Chaos Orbs in Cataclysm, but they are not required for leveling or research. Basically, they’re an incentive, not a requirement. Which is good because it means we can have alts that don’t need to go out into the world and yet still function (for example Jewelcrafting, Inscription, Alchemy, and Enchanting are all perfect examples of professions that you won’t be severely disadvantaged never leaving a city).

Other Notes

Here’s the ink calculator I was talking about before: http://www.inscriptionist.arctic-eagle.com/inkCalc.html

Sorry I couldn’t leave it in the comments, seems youtube won’t let you put links in comments.

It looks like this might become a regular thing as most of us seem to be able to make Sunday afternoons, or at least I hope it becomes regular! Follow any of us on twitter to know when we’re doing the next one, and don’t be afraid to drop by and ask questions, we like questions! (Especially since we seem to wander off on tangents quite a bit.)

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