20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge: Day 13 – People (players/bloggers) that you admire

Remember me starting these? Yea, thought not. Figured I might as well get these finished before Mists of Pandaria takes center stage. 20 Days of WoW Blogging originally by Saga of Spellbound.

I’ll be frank here, I don’t think there’s anyone in this community I don’t respect, but I figure I’d highlight a few particular gems for this post.

Nev of Auction House Addict – Earlier this year the gold community was rocked by another tragedy, our beloved Nev was diagnosed with breast cancer. She decided she would try to make the best out of a bad situation and donated her hair to a children’s cancer society and run a fundraiser to help those affected by breast cancer (fortunately she was spared the rigors of chemo therapy at the last minute.) During all this she hasn’t missed a beat in the community and continues to be a shining example of gold bloggers. Click on the pink mageweave shirt on the right of the site to find out more and to donate to Breast Cancer Care.

The Gold Queen – Even after what happened last year and the White Ribbon: Heart of Gold campaign the gold community ran she’s still a driving force in gold making. You can click the white ribbon on the right of the site to find out more about White Ribbon and donate.

Cold of Cold’s Gold Factory – Cold seems to have always been on the cutting edge of gold blogging, consistently delivering top notch content. Not only does he deliver excellent content he contributes to the rest of the community though his blogging carnivals but through his Goldgrub’s Goblin Academy. I have him to thank for running one of my earliest articles, Do You Need Anonymity While Banking.

Ophelie of The Bossy Pally and the Giant Spoon (and My Legs and the Giant Spoon) – I’ve been following Ophelie for a while now and she’s one of the only non-gold blogs I read with any regularity. While I’m not playing my paladin much anymore her posts range a variety of topics which usually ring true for me. Oh, and the fact she’s also Canadian has nothing to do with it *shifty eyes*

Sorry this one was a bit short, I promise my next one will be much heftier.

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  1. Power Pally

    Whilst those ‘big guns’ on your list certainly have earned their hall of fame status I must say they’ve all been resting on their laurels quite a lot lately either offering nothing more than regurgitated content or pushing for other blogs to provide the content (blogging ‘carnival’ anyone?)

    Whilst there’s certainly an arguement for the fact you can probably run out of things to discuss on wow, I find a lot of the posts on those ‘major’ gold blog sites tend to be far more run of the mill, bland and already well known gold making ‘tips’

    You have to look for the underdog blogs made by people still looking for their respected place in the gold making community and providing real, practical gold making tips and strategies whilst the big guns continue to remain vague and nebulous in their discussions.

  2. Eric Dekker

    I think there are a few things to keep in my here or might be going on. First like you mentioned there’s only so much you can write about in this game. Sure it’s an expansive game but even the biggest games have a limit. Couple this with the saturation of bloggers or forum contributers and there is no way you’re going to avoid overlap. This is one of the reasons I like talking about more abstract concepts, less of that out there (probably because it’s near useless haha).

    Secondly, I think some bloggers (not necessarily the ones we’re talking about here) are focusing on content that gets them more traffic. Looking at my own incoming search terms I see very little searches about abstract topics (e.g. What affect bots and dupes have on the economy) while most of the terms are looking for more concrete advice (how can I make gold in Mists of Pandaria). If they’re popular because they focus on it or they focus on it because it’s popular I’m not going to speculate on.

  3. Nev

    Aww thanks for the the mention Eric. Keeping going with twitter chat & blogging helped me focus on something other than my cancer & gave me lots of distractions when I needed it most.

    @Power Pally – I don’t consider myself one of the big guns at all – I just write about stuff I’m doing & try to provide a little analysis to it. I’ve never been one for number crunching, theorycrafting or talking about economics type subjects. Is my stuff rehashed – I don’t think so, I certainly don’t go looking at other blogs to see what I can rewrite! – I do stuff in game & sometimes it gives me post ideas. My ‘target’ audience, if I was pushed into picking one, is the inexperienced gold makers – I try to find stuff that is fairly straightforward individually but that can be aggregated to make up a whole bag of little tricks. That’s how I learnt my stuff & that’s what I try to pass on.

    Keeping my blog to the gold making niche has made it quite difficult to keep going sometimes. It is a fairly small part of WoW after all & as more & more gold blogs spring to life, it will only become harder to differentiate myself. But I do like to write, I do like to make gold & I like to play WoW so I guess I shall just keep on, keeping on & hope it is of interest to my readers.

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