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After my computer failed and I had to rebuild it early May (a drive in a Stripe RAID setup failed, I lost most everything). I procrastinated mostly because I wasn’t doing anything really in game except some minor gold making, so it wasn’t until two weeks ago really that I worked on a UI for battling internet dragons with. I have previously been feature on WoW Insider’s Reader UI of the Week but my UI and my needs are constantly evolving, indeed even in the time between submitting my UI and it being featured my UI had changed. What hasn’t changed though is one important thing: my UI is centred around healing. I currently have 3 level 85 characters, each and every one of them has a healing spec, if not healing main spec; My priest actually is Disc/Holy with no DPS, I really love healing.

Since I started my quest to perfect my UI it has taken several forms, always with raid frames at the centre, but aside from that it has taken many forms over the years. I borrowed heavily from the previous iteration of my UI which had gotten me through Heroic BWD/BoT/TotFW and Heroic Firelands though I altered several key aspects which took some time to get used to but in the end I think they ended up being positive adjustments.

What does this marvellous UI look like now I hear you ask? Well I’m happy to oblige…


User Interface as of June 2012

You can see most of the important parts in this shot, though a few elements are represented here:

  • Boss cast bars located to the right of the boss frames
  • Pet and Target of Pet frames directly under player frame

What’s that? You want a bit of explanation of all the parks? Sure! My raid (and healing) add-on of choice is the venerable Vuhdo which I’ve place front and centre in my UI since as a healer I spent most my time focused on this. Placing the frames near the centre of the screen allows me to easier keep an eye on what’s under my feet and involves less travel time to other components of the screen. The unit are sorted by group and colour coded based on class with important buffs, debuffs, role makers, and raider markers displayed.

For my player frames I used Shadow Unit Frames and placed my target and target of target right above the raid frame area with my player frame tucked away at the top left of my screen. I used Gnosis for all my castbars and also for the health and mana (or power depending on the class) which I placed flanking my raid frames to see easily. Similarly my cast bar is atop the raid frames so I can see it in my peripheral while healing.

Satrina Buff Frames manage my buffs and debuffs and are responsible for the buff and debuff bars seen to the left of the raid frames. Power Auras Classic handles my auras and Deadly Boss Mods is my boss mod of choice. Further rounding off my UI are:

  • Titan Panel is my data broker of choice and is responsible for the bar at the very bottom of my screen
  • Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text provides, well, the scrolling battle text seen flying around my character
  • Sexy Map cleans up my minimap and gives it the nice simplified square look
  • Skada is my meter add-on of choice and also double as a threat meter (set to switch automatically in combat)
  • Dominoes is the bar addon I use, combined with Masque to tidy up my bars
  • Tidy Plates (not seen) and Tip Tac (not seen) are used to clean up and modify my nameplates and tooltips (respectively)
  • Prat is used to modify my chat including place the entry bar in the middle of my screen. Not too sure where I picked this up, but it’s really a more convenient place to put it, and lets the chat window fit flush with the other items in my UI
  • kgPanels is the source of the, ahh, lets call it art, that provides the backdrop to most of the interface. I went with a simple black background with a wooden border because frankly I suck at art and creativity

Well that’s pretty much it, what I strove for redesigning my UI was to maximize my effectiveness while healing while not compromising my ability to play other classes or roles in a light capacity (solo play with a dps off spec for example). I’m quite satisfied with my latest attempt at a user interface, and I’m contemplating submitting it again to the WoW Insider spotlight. Watcha’ll think?

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    i really like the setup, i havent messed around too much and have all those addons but i really like the set up

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