My First Foray Into Guild Leading

Two weeks ago (at least I think it was two weeks ago, I’m terrible with these things)I decided to take the plunge and buy a level 25 guild complete with 7 guild tabs (complete with a small smattering of items), several achievements, and several unlocked items for a total of 250,000 gold. Now while I consider this a reasonable price for such a guild I by no means got a bargain, and I doubt I’ll be flipping it any time soon. No the main reason I bought the guild was for storage and for a place to stick all my alts. I quickly decided that I wanted to try my hand at guild leading and might try to even make a business out of it. I did some searching and found the add-on Super Guild Invite and went on my way mass inviting my guild to stardom which to date has netted me 273 players (242 accounts). I dropped about 1 grand into the gbank to start the repair fund and then went about my usual day-to-day play.

I quickly came to the problem though as the roster swelled we needed a bit more than one rank really and a bit better setup for repair allowance and bank access. After a bit of head scratching I decided to cannibalize the rank hierarchy the guild came with and with the help of  Swyn’s Guild Promoter to “auto” promote certain ranks based on Guild Experience (total) I came up with the following structure:

Name Repair Allowance (Daily) Bank Tabs Accessible Notes
King Unlimited All GM
Prince 10,000 All GM Alts
Lord 200 5 Officers
Warder 100 4
Knight 50 3 100,000,000 exp
Squire 25 2 10,000,000 exp
Page 15 1 100,000 exp
Serf 10 0 Entry

This is working fairly well so far, but I still get problems like this…



And none of it was put back. Now it’s really not to much skin off my nose and I guess it really shouldn’t but it surprises me how people will blatantly steal from their guild. I guess the problem is there isn’t really any sense of community, everyone is just mass invited pretty much and no one really does anything with anyone else, guild chat is usually pretty quiet. I enlisted the help of a couple who leads pugs on the server to be officers in the guild, but to be honest there really isn’t anything to do, so it’s more of an honorary position, but it’s nice to have some people to talk to in officer chat. I’m hoping to get maybe a raid going at least once per week on a regular schedule but I can’t really commit to be able to lead them regularly so I’d rather not set myself up for failure like that.

The ranks are also sort of nagging at me, I’m not content with the current setup. One glaring issue I have at least is that all the ranks are references to feudal hierarchy except for Warder which is a reference to The Wheel of Time. I’d really like to switch to something solely based off the military structure in The Wheel of Time and at the same time tighten the restrictions to reduce abuse of the system. Right now I’m thinking of changing things up to something l like this:

Rank Daily Repair Allowance Bank Tabs Accessible Notes
Marshal-General Unlimited All GM
Captain-General Unlimited All GM Alts
Lieutenant-General 200 5 Officer
Banner-General 150 4
First Captain 100 3
Captain 75 2
Second Captain 50 1
Lieutenant 25 0
Under-Lieutenant 10 0
Bannerman 0 0

The problem with this naming convention is that if you’re drawing real world parallelisms everything Under-Lieutenant and above is an officer and starting at Banner-General you get into the flag officer range. The only Non-Commissioned Officer rank in that list is Bannerman, and there’s no enlisted rank. What I could do is remove some of the less intuitive ranks such as Second Captain and Under-Lieutenant and that would leave room for File Leader and Sergeant adding another Non-Commissioned Officer rank and a non-officer enlisted rank.

Aside from the admittedly minor problems with naming conventions I also have to figure out what I’m going to base promotions off of and in what increments to award new access to guild resources. I have no problem giving the entry rank no repair allowance or bank access since with so little sense of community honour won’t stop pilfering from the guild resources so I have to resort to restricting access. I think I’ll continue to use Guild Activity (total) to determine rank since it’s the only real indicator of activity with the guild. I think I’ll leave Banner-General as a special rank that’s not auto promoted based on activity, and have the rank with the 10 million exp requirement somewhere around the Second Captain or Captain area, allowing for more increments.

I’ll probably mull over this for the rest of the evening, maybe into tomorrow. I plan on documenting my further adventures leading this guild, so look forward to hearing more about Eternal Fire in the future.

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  1. SirFWALGMan

    nice post. I am in my first guild lead too.. kinda hard at end of expansion..

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