Monthly Archive: June 2012

The Woes of Healing

A Bad Run-in with a PUG A Firelands group I joined today reminded me when we ran into a bit of a problem before we even started the first boss. After a tank death during the trash the raid leader decided he had a bone to pick with us healers. At the time there was …

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My First Foray Into Guild Leading


Two weeks ago (at least I think it was two weeks ago, I’m terrible with these things)I decided to take the plunge and buy a level 25 guild complete with 7 guild tabs (complete with a small smattering of items), several achievements, and several unlocked items for a total of 250,000 gold. Now while I …

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Rebuilding My User Interface


After my computer failed and I had to rebuild it early May (a drive in a Stripe RAID setup failed, I lost most everything). I procrastinated mostly because I wasn’t doing anything really in game except some minor gold making, so it wasn’t until two weeks ago really that I worked on a UI for …

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