My First Impressions of Mists of Pandaria Beta

I feel like a terrible Beta tester, here I am with “exclusive” access to the new Mists of Pandaria Beta, and I have no urge to do any real testing. This past week I finally got around to tinkering a bit with the Beta, mostly just played a Pandaran until we got to Stormwind. I’ll hopefully get around to playing with the higher end content eventually but I figured I’d just get down what I thought of the Beta so far.

My first impression of Pandaran wasn’t stellar, in fact I didn’t like them the first time I played. They grew on me however and now I think they are pretty cool, still not as cool as Worgen though. I chose to play as a monk and although it bears striking resemblance to a rogue what with the energy and combo points basically, it felt different enough that it shouldn’t really matter, and the monk on the whole felt fun to play, nice and fast paced for the most part. If I was a hunter I’d probably snatch one of the Corsac Fox roaming around the starting area, they look pretty cool.

The AoE looting feature is a nice quality of life addition, but it isn’t really ground breaking or game changing, just a nice touch that’ll save a few seconds here and there. The Auction House interface has improved a little bit but not by enough to render any of your gold related add-ons obsolete, so we’ll still be add-on heavy going into Mists of Pandaria.

I was disappointed that despite all the new ores and herbs being in the files already they appear not to be available in the beta as of yet which is unfortunate since I was looking forward to doing some mass prospecting and number crunching. Come to think of it, I don’t even know if we’ll get access to the ore and herbs before live, I wasn’t in the Cataclysm beta so I have no idea if we had access to ore in the beta then. But, if we do get access to the ore and herbs in the beta, you can be sure I’m going to be prospecting the hell out of it.

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