Monthly Archive: May 2012

Creating Starting Capital

I was hanging out with Jim of Power Word: Gold the other day on his gold making live stream and one of the questions one of the views posed was how to get the initial starting capital to begin your goblin empire. We of course answered the question on the stream (at least I think …

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My First Impressions of Mists of Pandaria Beta

I feel like a terrible Beta tester, here I am with “exclusive” access to the new Mists of Pandaria Beta, and I have no urge to do any real testing. This past week I finally got around to tinkering a bit with the Beta, mostly just played a Pandaran until we got to Stormwind. I’ll …

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Black Market Auction House

I assume by now everyone and their donkey has heard already, but MMO-Champion has revealed information on a new Black Market Auction House. Go ahead and check it out if you haven’t already, I’ll wait here. Read it through? Good. Pretty wicked eh? Some important details about the new Black Market Auction House: Auctions are …

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