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As some of you who follow my twitter might have already heard, last week over my reading week my keyboard broke. And when I say it broke, I meant I fried it…by cleaning it. The keyboard was a Zboard with a removable keyset that can be washed fairly easily. Last Monday (I think it was Monday) I was cleaning my room up a bit, and decided to clean my peripherals (I’m a bit of a clean freak, messy, but clean). However when I put the keyset back in after washing them I apparently didn’t dry them well enough so some water go into the keyboard base, the part with actual electronics, and I suddenly found at least half a dozen of my main keys not working. Oops. So after some deliberating (and thanks to those that offered up suggestions) I ordered myself a Vengeance K90, I’m apparently a sucker for flashing lights. This was also my first foray into mechanical keyboards so I was a bit apprehensive about it as I had never used one before, but since I couldn’t find a single negative about the mechanical keyboards besides the noise, I took the plunge and ordered it that Wednesday.

Unfortunately it did not come until the following Tuesday (the highlight in a really shitty day), so I went most of my reading week using a grungy old Dell stock keyboard I had laying at the back of my closet that was covered in stains of undeterminable sources. Yuck. This was especially unfortunate as I ended up staying home all reading week due a series of unfortunate events cancelling all my plans for that week, and I was sick (one of the unfortunate events). I intended to break in the new keyboard by writing a blog post, and starting work on a Geography essay due Thursday. Those plans got halted when, at 20:30, I realized that I had a presentation due the next day that I had not started. So my keyboard’s maiden voyage was a presentation on the water quality of Lake of the Woods and the Rainy River Basin. Fun stuff (though on the plus side, considering it was three hours of work, I thought the presentation went alright, though like usual I suck at presenting…I really need to stop doing these by myself ha-ha).


I Hate Essay Writing

As much as I’ve come to like blogging, or writing as I call it to those I don’t want to know I have a blog (i.e. everyone I know in real life), I absolutely loathe essay writing. Luckily for me in my program I don’t have to do a whole lot of essay writing (or writing in general), instead it’s just a lot of reports mixed in with a few presentations. That being said, this was a particularly bad essay, throughout the whole thing I had no idea what I was talking about, though apparently every one of my classmates had the exact same problem, at least I met the minimum word count. What did I have to write about? Well, this was my “task” for the essay:

By using the landscape and setting from your favorite movie, discuss how the landscape adds or detracts to the plot of the movie, or influences the story.

Now that might not seem terrible, but think about this: Not only did we have to do 1500-2000 words on this, I still can’t figure out why we actually had this as a topic. I mean it’s an Urban and Rural Geography course…in a Civil Engineering Technology program, I really can’t draw the connection. I don’t see how we can take a film such as Patriot Games (the film I chose) and apply it to the topics we had been discussing in that class such as urbanization, gentrification, industrialization, and de-colonization. Like I said I did end up hitting the minimum word count which was more than many of my classmates could claim, though the result was this piece of crap filled with bloat, bullshit, and rambling. Oh well at least it’s done and over with.

The Change to a Mechanical Keyboard

I must say that this new keyboard is absolutely spectacular. Not only does it have the appropriate cool factor, but typing on it so far has been a dream. Having never used a mechanical keyboard I wasn’t sure what to expect, but now that I’ve made the move I don’t regret it one bit. The only problem I’ve had, though it’s already nearly disappeared, is when I started using it I kept placing my fingers in the wrong spots, I’d be hitting all the keys shifted one or two to the left. Besides that however the typing has been practically orgasmic, though I’m not realizing the full potential of this keyboard yet as I’m still fully pressing each key while it only take a mere 2mm to activate it, but again I’m already noticing the difference and am slowly getting better at it.

Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to try any serious games with it yet (Snake on Facebook doesn’t count) though I’m not sure if it’ll make much of a difference. I already find myself strained on some characters to fill the extra 12 buttons on the side of my Razer Naga mouse, so I’m not sure if I’ll make any use of the 18 macro keys, though yes I’m aware they function differently than regular keys.

The only reported downside to mechanical keyboards, the extra noise, hasn’t been a problem yet for me. Maybe I’ve just had especially noisy keyboards in the past, or maybe it’s because I often have a headset on while at the computer, but I don’t have any complaints about the noise yet (and no one else in the house has thrown anything at me, so I’m guessing it hasn’t bugged anyone else either).

Oh, and the blue lights are really, really cool.

What’s Been Happening

As many of you have  probably figured out, I’ve slipped from the WoW gold making scene, I honestly can’t remember the last time I actually played. That being said I’m starting to get an itch again to return to playing, and I went for the annual pass, so I won’t be absent for long. In the mean time I do plan on continuing this blog (yea I know I forgot about the 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge half way through) with some broader topics, though I can probably slip in some more gold making topics even while I’m “away.” I realized I really enjoyed writing this blog, so if for nothing else I’m going to continue it for the stress release, but I plan on having some constructive or thought provoking articles on here. Hopefully as Mists of Pandaria approaches I’ll fall out of this pre-patch slump and get gold making and blogging again. Stay tuned.

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