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The introduction of the new Scroll of Resurrection program has presented me, and many other players, a unique opportunity to get a “free” level 80 character. Yes that’s right, no levelling needed, just boom, level 80 character. What’s the catch? You have to bring an old account back, and that account gets the free character (along with free copy of Cataclysm). Fortunately, I have a second account sitting idle which should be eligible so I fire it up again using this new program, claim my free character, and move it over to my main account for a small fee. Luckily the scroll gives 7 free days to the other account, so I don’t even need to cough up a months subscription, just the transfer fee.

As I write this however I have been informed on the Consortium IRC that there is apparently some sort of cut off. Now my second account has been dormant for a while now, so I think I’ll make it, however that’d be just my luck to not be eligible for this fantastic promotion.

Why I Need a Free Level 80

I hate levelling in the old areas, with a passion. I’d rather do classwork than level characters. While others enjoy the levelling process, I get no real joy out of it besides the shiny new toy factor. The result? I only have two 85’s, and two 75s (both of the later being DKs) which means I have 8 profession slots to use, of which only one isn’t fully used (it’s got like 200 tailoring on it). Not that I’m missing any professions really, I’ve got all the professions available to me that I feel I need to conquer the economy, the only professions I’m missing now are Leatherworking, Skinning, and Herbalism.

No what really appeals to me for this free character is what appeals to the non gold makers, a free character that starts right at the fun part (level 80). I’d love to have another character to experience end game with, even if I don’t raid I’d like to have it available to me.

What I’m Going To Pick

I haven’t decided yet. I already have a Paladin, Druid, and 2x DK so those are off the table. I don’t like playing rogues or warriors, so those are gone too, as well as mages since I really don’t think I’d like them either. I’ve never played a shaman past 20, and I’ve never really fancied playing one. So that leaves me with Priest, Warlock, or Hunter. I’m leaning towards the priest right now, because on my two mains, my paladin and my druid, I both heal, and priests are sort of the jack of all trades healing class, so I’d probably enjoy them, plus I’ve played several priest alts nearly up to level 60 and have enjoyed them quite a bit. Hunter’s have always seemed cool as well with their pets, and the dark wizard style of warlocks have always been intriguing as well. I honestly don’t know what I’m going to pick, hopefully I’ll have decided by Sunday so I can spend the day working with it.

As for professions? I think I’m going to pick up leatherworking and a second alchemy, that way I can complete my crafting collection, and have two alchemy specs at my disposal.

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