Monthly Archive: March 2012

Pre Expansion Slump

Yes, yes I know I haven’t written anything gold related, or WoW related for that matter, in way too long. To be honest I’ve still been a bit apathetic towards the game, honestly if it wasn’t for the fact I succumbed to the annual pass, I would have probably dropped WoW by now. But I …

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Obligatory “Look At My New Puppy” Post

New Puppy Charlie

Yea my family got a new puppy named Charley. It’s a Bichon/Poodle (Miniature or Toy, I  forget now) mix and is currently 7 weeks old:   D’awwwwww And here’s Miska (our Golden Doodle) meeting the new arrival for the first time:      

Decisions Decisions

The introduction of the new Scroll of Resurrection program has presented me, and many other players, a unique opportunity to get a “free” level 80 character. Yes that’s right, no levelling needed, just boom, level 80 character. What’s the catch? You have to bring an old account back, and that account gets the free character …

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Writing for the Sake of Writing

As some of you who follow my twitter might have already heard, last week over my reading week my keyboard broke. And when I say it broke, I meant I fried it…by cleaning it. The keyboard was a Zboard with a removable keyset that can be washed fairly easily. Last Monday (I think it was …

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