20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge: Day 12 – A usual day in your life/online time

I’ve decided to take up the 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge by Saga of Spellbound to commemorate my 3 month anniversary at the end of January. I also figured it would be a good way to get the writing juices flowing and generate some content between the usual gold making posts. On with the show!

I don’t have “usual” days. What happens depends on many things, usually my class schedule for the day. I also don’t spend much time in game anymore, so I’ll use this post to outline a play by play of how may day went today (Thursday) since it’s not the most boring day I’ve had this week.

06:00 – Alarm clock on cell phone goes off. Grope around for cell phone because it’s not in any of it’s usual spots. Finally find it on the floor between my night table and my desk and turn it off. Realize that I don’t have class till 13:30 and feel like an idiot for remember to turn my actual alarm clock off the night before, but not the one on my cell. Go back to sleep

08:00 (ish) – Mother wakes me up “Don’t you  have class?” I remind her Thursday is the day I get to sleep in (my class schedule is on the fridge), grumble how if I did have class it’d be too late now anyways, and then fall back asleep.

09:30 – Friend wakes me up by insistently texting me (she had texted me earlier at 08:30, but I obviously hadn’t responded). Agree to meet at 11:00 for some pool before class (as in billiards, not swimming).

10:00 – Actually roll out of bed. Realize I have half an hour to catch my bus. Groan when I realize I hadn’t done the post I wanted to send out for noon, and wouldn’t have time now to do it. Make tea my standard tea and toast for breakfast. Freak mother out by eating breakfast in the living room instead of in the basement T.V. room like I usually do. Proceed to get ready to leave.

10:30 – Head to bus stop, pray that this bus is on time (on Monday one bus simply didn’t show up, so I’ve been paranoid all week).

11:00 (+- 10 minutes) – Arrive at school. Fetch my usual Tim Horton’s (Large steep tea with milk and a frosted cinnamon roll). Meet Kibbles for pool (yes, we really do call her Kibbles).

11:45 – Kibbles and Bits (another friend showed up, yes we actually call her Bits – not very often though) need to leave for a lab so I ponder what to do till my first class starts. Decide to go home and skip my first lecture (we were only taking up a test of 25 multiple choice questions I guessed my way through).

12:30 – Arrive home, decide to actually do shit so I don’t feel as guilty for skipping. I manage to eat, walk the dog and write a post in this time. I felt productive.

15:30 – Last lecture of the day starts. Hope it ends early. It does, by two hours. Rejoice.

16:30 through 17:30 – More pool with Kibbles. (Yes, I spend a stupid amount of time in there)

18:00 – Arrive home, eat dinner, and enjoy house to myself for a few hours. Spend whole evening doing dick all (YouTube videos, TV, Sim City 4, misc. internet)

23:00 – Start writing this post

24:00 – Finish post and head to bed.

What an exciting life I live eh?

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