A Few Odds and Ends

I’ve been fiddling around with the site again, and I’ve made some quality of life changes I hope everyone will enjoy. None of the changes should effect how you view the blog already, so if you don’t like change, no harm done!

Categories Reorganized

I’ve expanded the amount of categories I have on the blog, shuffled some of them around, added some etc. though I didn’t remove any. At the same time I changed some of the current post’s categories to match the new options, and to hopefully make finding old posts easier. I might tackle the tags bloat as well, though it’s not a really high priority. (Also I’m sorry for the twitter spam this caused.)

Added a Mobile Version

I downloaded an addon that changes the site to an easy to read format when browsed by a smart phone. Pretty much it’ll look like a feed, it only has the posts in it, none of the widgets or graphics the main site has. I also added a QR code to the side of the main site which will take you to the mobile version of whatever page you’re currently using. Let me know what you guys think, I usually don’t use my mobile for things like this.

Switched to Feedburner

I decided to switch the RSS feeds to a service Google runs called Feedburner (I’m sure you’ve all heard of it). If you’re already subscribed via RSS you don’t need to do anything. This service is handy to me since I can track my subscribers, which posts are popular, what topics people follow etc. along with offering email subscriptions for those who’d rather have posts delivered to their inbox. Isn’t having options exciting?

This switch should also fix the problem I’ve been having with pinging services to inform them there is an update. For some reason or other I could never get PubSubHubbub to work properly.


I’ve been contemplating doing a series of posts for a 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge. If I do go through with it I’ll still run my regular posts, so no need to fret about not seeing on topic content!

I’m also working on a post for Cold’s Gold Blogging Carnival, so expect to see that soon!

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