Year in Review – 2011

I’m not usually good at self review or introspection, and I have a feeling if I attempted it now it would be no exception if I tried it now. Instead, for my New Year’s Post I’ll take a look at what’s being going on in World of Warcraft, the gold making scene, and the blogosphere.

Also, since someone (cough cough Flux cough cough) mentioned that gold bloggers aren’t posting enough pictures in there articles, and I’m a stubborn son-of-a-bitch, I’ve picked up on including YouTube videos in my posts, random songs that I enjoy and force upon my readers (well not really since they don’t auto-play, but still). So, obligatory YouTube video inc, and the rest of the post after the break!

The Good

  • I Started “The Golden Crusade Obviously, the creation of my blog was a big highlight for me this year (oh look at that, Christmas was my 2 month anniversary). I must say it’s coming a long nicely, and it seems to have garnished a respectable following so far. Thanks!
  • Prime Raiding This year I experienced what some would call hard-core raiding, though in terms of time spent it wasn’t really that bad. In March I joined a new guild that was transitioning into 25man Heroic (from 10m Heroics) and I ended up healing our tanks through 8/13 heroic before Firelands came out, which we then proceeded to roflstomp 6/7 Heroic
  • White Ribbon – Heart of Gold It really restored some of my faith in humanity to see the gold community band together for a colleague in need. Obviously the need for such action wasn’t good, but it still warmed my heart seeing this roll out, and I am glad I got a chance to be a part of it.
  • Patch 4.3 This was my first patch on the new server, and really the first patch I was properly prepared for and profited off of. In the first week alone I was up 300k, and since then I’ve broken many more milestones, including the 800k mark, which I just reached today.
  • World of Warcraft Wealth Survey Shortly after the start of the blog, I decided to launch a survey to try and determine exactly how much gold the average player in World of Warcaft has and what factors might influence a player’s gold level. I got some interesting results (If I do say so myself, and I have, and will continue to) and it certainly garnered a significant interest not only in the gold making community, but the World of Warcraft community in general. I got such a huge influx of readers after WoW Insider ran that article (and other news sites picked up on it) that I think my site’s stats and averages and whatnot are going to be forever corrupted and skewed. In fact, that report still accounts for 40% of my site’s hits (at a little over 10.5k hits on the report). It was fun, I learned a lot about the World of Warcraft economy, and more importantly I learned several other life lessons (like you can’t please everyone, and bursts of publicity like that don’t necessarily increase your readership).

The Bad

  • The Site Got Hacked In late November the blog got compromised and had a new page inserted into the site. Once I got over the initial “Oh Shit” reaction and got my head screwed on straight, I secured the site and restored it to it’s former glory, no long term harm done. I still don’t know why I was targeted since I have a low page rank and low average readership, but I guess I never will. This particular hacker seems to be politically motivated and has hit several sites, so it confuses me as to why he hit mine since I try to keep real world politics off the blog, but I guess it was just a random attack.
  • Dirty Laundry It seems that people can’t help but raising a shit storm, and we had several such incidents in the World of Warcraft Gold Blogosphere, and I’m not going to link to or drag up any particular incident, I must say such events make me disappointed in the community.
  • Raiding Career Flopped In the same year I achieved my raiding prime, the guild I was raiding with fell apart (an understatement really) and I found myself guildless. I still haven’t found a new guild to raid with despite my stellar resume, but it’s really not too bad. I realized I really hated having to sit down for a set time on set nights to raid, it was a real pain. I also hated many of my fellow raiders, some of them were real dicks.
  • JMTC Got Sold and Flopped Yea, that’s right, I’m including this in the bad list. Although I have come to dislike Markco (both the original Markco and MarkcoLTD) JMTC was an important stepping stone for me in my path to gold making, and even helped start me into blogging (they ran a guest post by me that ended up being popular).

Personal Notes

The following will probably be a 0 on your Do I Give a Shit? scale so feel free to skip.

This year was interesting, not only in World of Warcraft but on a personal note for me. This Spring was the first federal election I was eligible to vote in, so I dutifully strode out that evening to fulfill my civic right to vote. I then proceeded to not give a shit about the following provincial election (you can’t oblige them all, can you?) In the summer I celebrated my 19th birthday, finally achieving the last positive benchmark (I can now drink and smoke – I don’t, but I could if I wanted) in my aging process.

I also like to think I improved on my social habits this past year, supressing some of my introvert and loner tendencies and picking up some “real” hobbies (I now no longer embarrass myself at a game of pool).

I was online raiding when the news broke that Osama Bin Laden had been killed, and while I think it’s improper to feel happy about any death, it will probably stay in my memory for a long time, and will probably be a new chapter in many history books. I regret not staying up to see the Royal Wedding but my schedule at school that week would have severally punished me if I had, so I had to catch the highlights the next day.

One of my oddest regrets of the year is not seeing the final Harry Potter movie in theatre (I finally got around to seeing it on blu-ray). I partly grew up with the harry potter books, and for more than half my memorable life it seems I’ve been waiting for the next book or movie in the series to be released, and it’s very depressing to think that that era in my life is officially over.

Looking Forward

Alright you can start paying attention now, this stuff is relevant again

January holds my 3 months anniversary for starting my blog (I just have to figure out what day exactly lol) and they say that this is an important milestone for a blogger, so hopefully I make it, and if I do (which I think I will, barring an unforeseen event. I have lots of idea jotted down in my notebook (and several non-ideas – seriously, why did I think I could write an article based around Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?) which I intend on tackling in the near future.

Speaking of which, I must apologise for the lack of action lately, as most people know or remember December is a busy month for post-secondary students and immediately after ending the semester I whisked off to visit family for the holidays, where I attempted to get some writing done but was either stymied by exhaustion, a busy schedule, or drama. Good news is I’m back, have recovered from my travels, and the drama is over so I am returning to the regularly scheduled programming.

I’m hoping to expand my portfolio a little this upcoming year to include some more guest posts for fellow bloggers (maybe even some not in the gold blogosphere – just maybe though) and hopefully a podcast appearance or two. Also on my to-do list is adding some more reference material to the site and working on improving my use of media (embedded pictures, YouTube videos etc.)

I’d Like To Thank You All

I’d like to thank everyone who reads my blog, comments on my posts, tweets at me on twitter, puts up with my shenanigans on IRC and more. I really enjoy the World of Warcraft gold making community, and feel privileged to be a part of it. I hope the next year is just as interesting as the last. See you all next year!

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