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WoWuction is a neat little sight that’s been pointed out to me twice now, so I thought I’d take a peak and see what was up. Alto unfortunately beat me too it as I had started this article and set it aside for crunch time. So, at the cost of blowing off a mechanics presentation, here we go!

Quick Note: I haven’t read Alto’s post on it yet so I could write mine un-influenced. I saw his post on my blog roll, bitched in his comments about him beating me to the punch, and then continued where I left off a prior night.

First, what does the home page say about itself?


WoWuction is an online stats tool for World of Warcraft auction house traders!
Its purpose is to be the best in the world at helping you earn more gold!

What WoWuction really does?

WoWuction collects auction house hourly data from most WoW servers and creates all kinds of statistics you can use.
You will be able to see single item stats, profession stats or even have WoWuction email you whenever a cheap item appears on your auction house. It’s cool (especially if you are a stats nerd like me), so just check it out!

WoWuction is an Auction House stats website similar to the like of The Undermine Journal, AHSpy etc., but WoWuction has a few tricks up it’s sleeve that the others do not.


When you first land on the site you are greeted with an intro to the site, and various buttons across the top of the page. Before you can do much however you have to chose a realm by clicking Click to choose realm! at the top of the page and that’s when the real fun starts. When you’ve chosen a realm you will notice 2 graphs are now on the front page, the first one which shows global market volume by gold for US and EU realms (EU realms why you no spike up for patch 4.3?) which I love, and your realm’s (and faction’s) market volume (in gold again) compared to the average for your region and faction. Both graphs display data from the past month which will be useful for detecting trends and spikes etc.

ProfessionsProfessions Icon WoWuction

Your next stop should be checking out the Professions button at the top of the page in the header. When you hover over this button (there appears to be no generic page from this button) you get a drop down list of all the profession which when clicked will bring you to a page label Quick Advice which features a neat little list by the profession you chose of items in said profession. It shows you Sold/day, On AH, Demand (which I’m really curious about how they calculate), Advised Quantity, Advised Buyout, Potential Profit, and Advisor Score (again, very curious) which seems to be the default sorting. One of the things I really like here is that you can sort the list by each of the columns, as opposed to the incumbent Auction House stats site The Undermine Journal.

The next tab on this page is Item Analysis which offers a different set of columns (again which you can sort by) featuring:

  • Posted/Day
  • Sold/Day
  • Demand
  • Now on AH
  • Min AH Price
  • Item Market Price
  • Cost of Mats
  • Potential Profit/Item

Item Pages

The item pages are excellent on WoWuction, truly they are. The Overview page gives you the down and dirty on the item keeping it nice and simple by offer the following stats for your AH and compares it to the rest of your region and faction:

  • Average Market Price Per Item
  • Average Posted Per Day
  • Estimated Sold Per Day
  • Estimated Demand (again, would really love some more info on this)

It also gives you the state of the item with amount on the auction house, the min buyout, and the median buyout. The third tab gives a nice list of all current auctions of the item at the latest snapshot.

The history tab gives a fantastic whopping 30 day view on the price and quantity history comparing 2-3 different stats on each chart. One tiny nitpick here is that the graphs (and all graphs on the site) seam to pinch off at zero at the current date. Small thing but it looks a bit odd the current way. SeasonalitySeasonality Icon WoWuction is a bit oddly named but still very cool, it displays an average trend of the item’s quantity available and estimated sold based on days of the week. The name of this tab leads to me believe that we might see even broader trend tacking (a by month comparison maybe?) that could really aide in predicting trends.


Broker Icon WoWuctionClicking on the Broker button for the first time asks you to log in with one of three services: Facebook, Google, or Yahoo. Once you have logged in you are presented with a page with two tabs, Hot Tips, and Tip Rules. Turns out this page is a bit of a misnomer as well, as this page is basically for tracking items based on a set of rules you define on the second tab. What I love about this is this has free Mail Alerts that can be toggled (default is ON) for each item. This is now, to my knowledge, the only site that offers this free currently.


This site is amazing, and I’m surprised it’s slipped under the radar of the gold community so far. It seems the author is really pushing publicity and I’m more than happy to help for such an awesome initiative. I really like how the site is lean, not bloated with information and various sections are squirreled away in separate tabs to keep clutter minimal. I also find the the emphasis on trends and the extended history on price and supply is fantastic, and I’m glad to see others out there seem to think like I do on what I want to see on a site like this. I appreciate the Useful WoW Gold Making Resources section at the bottom as a link to the community without attempting to imitate the incumbent stats site

The quality of life points that can really make a huge difference:

  • Item lists can be sorted by the different columns
  • Site tells me how long ago the last snapshot was pulled
  • Helpful comparisons at a glance on charts to region/faction data
  • Free auction alerts
  • The tip section only shows items with hits
  • Suggestion list as you type in the search box

The site is still in beta and is still being worked on, but there were some items I took issue with, though it may just be me splitting hairs:

  • The graphs pinch off at the zero mark for the current day. This happens on every graph on the site.
  • I can’t put my finger on it but on first visiting I didn’t like the colour scheme that much
  • Many misnomers throughout the site
  • I personally would change the capitalization on the various headers on the site
  • Names for Tip Rules aren’t very user friendly

The one largest complaint I have is that linking is very difficult for two reasons:

  • The URL doesn’t reflect the realm
  • The URL doesn’t change when you change tabs, so you can’t link to a specific tab

This makes it impossible to show someone something without them knowing which realm you are on, and going through the process of selecting it.

Overall I’d rate this site A and definitely recommend everyone to check it out. I’ve added a link to WoWuction to the resource menu on the side of the blog, and the link is scattered throughout this post as well. I can’t wait to see with the developer does next!

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  1. Ærixalimar

    Checked it out. My biggest complaint is searching. At Undermine, I can search for inferno and see current prices for all cuts, which is quite useful.

    However, I like the profession tabs, as well as the extended history (it’s beautiful to see the bumps when 4.3 came out).

    Overall, I think I’ll be using -both- sites.

  2. wowuctioneer

    Hmm, good point. I’ll think about how to add that feature.

    Until then, I suggest you use this method:
    1. Go to Professions->Jewelcrafting
    2. Select Item Analysis tab (this shows all JC products)
    3. In the table search box type ‘inferno’

    This will filter the table to entries containing ‘inferno’ thus showing you all inferno ruby cuts.

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