Rejected Karazhan Opera encounters: How to Succeed at Gold-Making Without Really Trying

picture borrowed from WowpediaWelcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this evening’s presentation! Tonight, we follow the adventures of a young goblin desperately trying to make his way in the cutthroat world of Undermine. But he has a secret ally who promises him a meteoric rise to the top! Will he succeed? Will he become the next Trade Prince? Only time will tell. And now: On with the show!

At curtain up, we see Sparrow, carrying a broom and a pail. He says, “I would like to do more than window washing.” He sits down on a crate, drops the broom and pail, and pulls out a book. He reads, “The mail room is a good place to start.” Three MOLL-E mailboxes appear.

Sparrow gains a buff called Confidence that stacks at each successive phase transition and increases his size and damage done by 25% per stack. This buff cannot be stolen or dispelled.

Throughout the encounter, Sparrow uses a melee attack called Book Thwap that can only be survived by a tank. If Sparrow is Disarmed, he drops his book, cannot use Book Thwap, and temporarily loses Confidence.

Phase 1:


Combat is initiated by clicking one of the mailboxes. Sparrow yells, “Don’t cut in on my territory!” as he engages.

Delivery Bots spawn in groups of 3-5 from one Mailbox at a time in 10 second intervals. They will melee their highest aggro target while also using a weak, rapidly-firing, randomly-targeted nature damage attack called Paper Cut.

Paper Cut applies a bleed debuff with the same name that can only be dispelled by the application of a HoT. The Paper Cut bleed stacks, and each stack requires a separate HoT to dispel.

At 7 second intervals, Mugs of Kawphi spawn, and Sparrow will attempt to consume them. Mugs of Kawphi restore 5% health and secondary resource and also provide a 6 sec Haste boost.

A Mailbox despawns when all of its Delivery Bots have been killed. The phase ends when the last Mailbox despawns.

 Phase 2:

Sparrow reads from the book, “It’s okay to sleep in the office if you’ve been working all night!”, then collapses and begins to snore. He is immune to all forms of damage while he is asleep.

Bigshot spawns and begins channeling Fight Song, an interruptable 5 sec spell that ticks for damage on the whole raid. After 10 sec, Sparrow awakens and begins to channel Fight Song. Bigshot will immediately begin to channel Fight Song again. When both Sparrow and Bigshot are channeling Fight Song, each tick does triple damage. Sparrow and Bigshot will begin channeling Fight Song every 10 sec.

When he is not channeling Fight Song, Bigshot uses Secretary Swat, a cleave that splits damage between all available targets, including Sparrow if he is in range.

The phase ends when either Bigshot or Sparrow reaches 50% health, at which point Bigshot flees.

Phase 3:

Maryrose, a pretty female goblin, appears. She casts Phone Call, a channeled 3 sec stun on a random ranged player, and Appointment Required, a holy damage spell with a knockback that is applied to any player in melee range who is not her main aggro target.

When Sparrow and Maryrose are within 10 yards of each other, they gain the buff I Believe in You and take 10% less damage and do 10% more damage.

When Sparrow and Maryrose are more than 35 yards apart from each other, she casts the buff Dinner’s Warm on Sparrow, which causes him to regenerate health and secondary resources and do 50% more damage. For Sparrow, the damage components of I Believe in You and Dinner’s Warm stack with his increased damage from Confidence. Dinner’s Warm cannot be dispelled, but it can be stolen.

The phase ends when Maryrose is reduced to 25% health.

Phase 4:

Bigshot reappears, with 50% health. He still uses Secretary Swat, but no longer channels Fight Song. Maryrose continues to cast Phone Call, but no longer uses Appointment Required. If Bigshot or Maryrose is killed, Sparrow will enrage and wipe the raid, but they will despawn when Sparrow is killed.

As Sparrow dies, he says, “Oh, but Trade Prince was within my grasp!”


The main tank should grab Sparrow and pull him to one corner of the stage.

In Phase 1, the off tank needs to collect the Delivery Bots so the DPS can AOE them down. DPS should prioritize the adds, switching to Sparrow between waves. Healers will want to prioritize dispelling Paper Cut with HoTs. Sparrow should be prevented from consuming Mugs of Kawphi, and raid members should consume them for the Haste boost or if they have taken excessive damage from Paper Cut.

In Phase 2, Fight Song must be interrupted. The off tank needs to pull Bigshot over to Sparrow so that Sparrow and the two tanks split the cleave damage of Secretary Swat. As long as Fight Song is consistently interrupted, the healers will only need to concentrate on the tanks. Raid groups with high burst DPS will want to burn down Bigshot to minimize the time when two interrupts will be needed. Raid groups with low burst DPS will want to prioritize Sparrow after he rejoins the fight.

In Phase 3, Sparrow and Maryrose must be tanked more than 10 yards apart. If a mage is present in the group, they should be tanked more than 35 yards apart (at diagonally opposite corners of the stage) so that the mage can steal Dinner’s Warm for bonus damage. If a mage is not present in the group, they should be tanked more than 10, but less than 35 yards apart. Phone Call must be interrupted. Melee DPS should continue to attack Sparrow, while the ranged DPS should burn down Maryrose.

In Phase 4, Sparrow should be Disarmed as frequently as possible to reduce the damage being taken by the main tank. If the raid group has exceptionally strong healers, Bigshot can be taunted by the main tank to allow Secretary Swat to hit Sparrow. Otherwise, the off tank will need to pick up Bigshot and then drag him and Maryrose together back to the place where Maryrose was tanked in Phase 3. This is a DPS race, focusing on getting Sparrow down before the split damage from Secretary Swat kills either Maryrose or the main tank. Phone Call must still be interrupted.


  • Sparrow’s “How To” Book (Trinket) +int, +crit
  • Mug of Kawphi (Off Hand) +int, +haste
  • Chairman of the Board’s Hat (Cloth) +int, +hit
  • Window Squeegee (1H Mace) +str, +dodge

This Opera event is based on the musical “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” and was the best thing I, as a non-participant in the gold-making game, could come up with for a gold-making blog. I hope you enjoyed it! :) Kamalia

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Xsinthis’ Note: I drew Disco Priest over at http://disciplinaryaction.wordpress.com/ and here was my guest post Honour and Integrity in World of Warcraft

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  1. Kamalia

    I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    I also really appreciated your comments about integrity and personal ethics in your FFW post for Disciplinary Action. :)

    1. Eric Dekker

      Yes it certainly spruced up my blog ^.^
      Yea we kinda got put in a blogging love triangle you me and disco lol, thanks glad it was enjoyed.

    2. Eric Dekker

      Oh you don’t have a twitter do you kamalia? I looked but couldn’t find you

  2. red cow

    I’m so amazed at how clever this is – both in adapting the plot for WoW and actually thinking out boss abilities and tactics! Amazing :D

    1. Kamalia

      It was a lot of fun to put together! Thanks :D

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