Patch Week–Day 7 (And the Dust Settles)

…or not. In fact, sales are still very much booming for me.

….and that’s pretty much it, not much has changed except the whole Queen’s Garnet fiasco has gotten worse, prices down to 9k now lol. I just felt compelled to write this post to finish off my week of posting.

Things I learned From 4.3

  • Needed moar Inferno Rubies
  • Needed moar Enchants prepped before hand
  • Needed moar Greater Celestial Essences
  • Need moar gems (ran out of Ember Topazs today)
  • Don’t reset epic gems at first release
  • Be a bit conservative posting gems, don’t blow all your stock the first day, prices will climb

Summary of Patch Week 4.3 Hour of Twilight

Still quite an exciting patch week, I’m up 300k from this time last week. MySales is showing 516k in sales (plus i sold 30k worth of Queen’s Garnets through trade) which is really odd but then again I have been buying up a lot of ore plus the whole Inferno Ruby reset and the Queen’s Garnet fiasco I guess this makes sense.

My top 5 items this week:

  • Reckless Ember Topaz (312 – 13416g)
  • Purified Demonseye (286 – 10302g)
  • Brilliant Inferno Ruby (278 – 59,195g)
  • Artful ember Topaz (268 – 9,976g)
  • Bold Inferno Ruby (264 – 48,992g)

The reason the Ember Topazs and Demonseyes are so high in volume is because frankly I had more of them rotting in my gbank, if I could have kept up with demand the top 3 spots would be Inferno Ruby cuts. Another interesting note is I made 3600 sales in this timeframe, so I had an average sale of 143g per auction. Not to shabby.

Other Misc. Topics

So this whole posting once a day for a week thing was a pain in the ass and I don’t think I’ll be committing to such a venture again in the future (I’ll post when I feel I have enough to post covering patch’s, not because I feel I need too).

In other news I recently upgrade to a BlackBerry (don’t have a data plan though D: ) which I can do all kinds of neat things with. The ability to tweet at school probably won’t be a good thing, but maybe I can start having some more fun with twitter. I also got a WordPress App for it so I can rummage around my blog pretty effectively with it (again, so long as I have WiFi). It should certainly help me jot down ideas on the go, take pics etc.

Well that’s it for Patch Week, hope everyone enjoyed themselves, I know I did, I can’t wait until the next one!

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  1. larry

    Agreed! I sold off around 1500-1600 cut and uncut Inferno Rubys in the past week. Would have had more, but I stopped buying them from my supplier (@ 45g each) when I was sitting on 1700+ and getting nervous. Dang! Stick with my gut next time!

    Was able to buy up around 800 more from my supplier until she got mad that I was making 130-150g each and she was making like 10g each. So I know have 18 uncut reds left LOL But I hit 999,999g99s99c!! woot

  2. Jon

    Your “Things I learned from Patch 4.3” section is eerily similar to the same things I learned from 4.3.

  3. Eric Dekker

    @larry next time I’m buying more ore, this shortage I’m having is nuts

    @Jon I don’t think i mentioned this but this was my first time on a large server with a patch, so I really got trucked by it

  4. GrayzBDF

    The epic gem lesson was an expensive one and I agree a 100%. Demand is too low right now as well.

    Writing when you feel like makes for better posts as well, but then again, it all comes down to each individual readers taste. I always look for other things than gold tips.

    Also, hopefully you’ll learn useful things every single patch. Some things work better than intended while other things just crash.

  5. Eric Dekker

    It was pure ego and cockiness that got me into that mess with the epic gems, hard lesson to learn but it could have been worse. I broke even at least (I think).

    I haven’t been able to do much blogging this week due to the holidays, though I did manage to complete my submission for Furtive Father Winter which should be going up on their site soon, and the gift i received was a nice reprise from the regular content on my blog I think, plus it extended the amount of time I can slack off :P

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